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  1. Got this done by Matt Houston at Gastown Tattoo Parlour in Vancouver. Very happy how it turned out. Matt is pretty cool guy too. I'll be getting another soon enough, im sure.
  2. It was the clerk who was saying he wouldn't be available. The shop was closing up and I literally caught the artist as he was walking out the door, I'm sure if that wasn't the case he would have spent a few mins and signed me up right there. Meshing schedules was the issue. With the "consult" yea its like a few minute thing. He fits in consults on days he already has appointments with people. He found a day that he had open (Sundays are the only day where I didn't work and he did) and then he just set up the consult a week before that. I left. I realized the consult day was the long weekend i'd be out of town. So that is what messed everything up time wise. Now I want more then just an Eagle. ANd in fact aren't really that conerned with the eagle.
  3. This looks like the best place to get some insight into my "problem". I've got some Japanese style tattoos. I went to artists that liked doing that style to get them. On my other arm I want to go American traditional. I wanted a bad ass eagle on my forearm. Did some research on here and online a bit. I found two artists I liked in particular. The next time I was in the city I was going to stop in and see what the shop was like and look at either of their portfolios. Happened to by near one of the shops two weeks ago. Went in. Talked to front clerk about looking at some books. They told me most of their artists (including the guy I liked) were backed up and not really taking appointments but handed me a book from a guy who I could see sooner. I got the run around a bit but ended up looking at all the books of all the artists and I managed to talk to the artist I liked as he was leaving. Set up a consult and my tattoo appointment right there. Didn't really expect to book an appointment that day, but really happy I did. Since I've booked the appointment I spent more time looking at this guys work and have been following his instagram. I absolutely love his work. I find it to be ridiculously good and there hasn't been a tattoo of his I don't like. I have gone from wanting an eagle, to now wanting from around my elbow down to my cuff completely done by this artist. I kinda don't care what he tattoos at this point. I am wondering if I could just walk in there and say "tattoo whatever you want". To me, it sounds bad, lol. I really like his work, I don't think he could do something I didn't like. So if any artists want to chime in. Have you had clients be such a fan of your work they just say "yeah I want you to do my whole forearm". Do they have to give you some idea? Should I say. I like Eagles, Old fashion trains. I like Cats. I like the traditional flowers. Ships. Snakes. I don't need them all in there, just do what you feel would fit nicely in the space? Do clients say that to you? What kind of position does that put you in? Should I walk in there with a better idea out of respect for the artist? At this point I don't care if I get an eagle or not. Do I say put an eagle on this part of my arm, but can you fill in the rest of my arm with stuff that will work nicely? I don't know if that is appropriate, lol. I do not have an artistic bone in my body. The pictures I go in with are no where near close to what the artist ends up tattooing on me. The picture I have in my head is horrible compared to what an artist does. To people that have gotten tattoos by just saying "tattoo me". How has that worked out for you? Good or bad experience? Did you find you annoyed the artist? I have a month and a half before my consult and then my appointment is a month after that. So I got time to figure it out. I'm just curious to see the feasibility of basically saying "tattoo me". I very well could have a better idea of what I want by then, but If I don't can i just fall back on "tattoo me". Thanks for any responses.
  4. I'll give this a shot. Done this past April. Jamie Macpherson Unity Tattoo in Vancouver.
  5. Just got my latest tattoo finished a couple hours ago. Not the best pictures, I go back in a few weeks for a touch up session, will get some better pictures then. Was done by Jamie Macpherson at Unity Tattoo in Vancouver. I am really happy with it.
  6. My new tattoo artist said it is really hard to tell when i am in pain so that is a good thing. My sleeve leading onto my chest is almost done and id have to say the ditch was easily the worst. I hated it the whole time.
  7. Finished my 2nd session on Friday. Got the entire background and shading done. He started on colour on the Kappa. I don't want to post a pic as he just basically touched the colour before I tapped out. There is just one shade of green and a bit of the yellow. Once the background was done he asked if I wanted to start on some colour, I felt great so was like yeah sure. Big mistake, lol. It looks pretty sweet IMO. Wish I didn't get him to start some of the colour as I feel weird with a tattoo where part of it is so obviously not done, lol. Going back on the 12th so should have an updated pic shortly there after. Most if not the entire tattoo should be completed by then.
  8. There is also going to be a reception and auction in memory of Dave Shore. Entry is by donation and it starts at 11pm on the 27th. I know local artists donated some art to auction off and I believe the proceeds will be going to his wife. I am also going to guess they will have some art by Dave there on display as well. I got my last tattoo by him around this time last year and they were going thru boxes and boxes of his old art. Trying to organize it, take pictures and such. I'll likely be going down that night.
  9. Got my latest tattoo started this past Friday. Not the best pic. I pulled it off his Facebook. After 4+ hours he still wanted to finish the shading and fix some lines he said, but I was done and couldn't go anymore. I have my 2nd appointment in 2 weeks, and my 3rd two weeks after that so it wont be long to finish. I suspect he will finish the shading and stuff and move on to do some of the colour next time. I am really, really happy with how it looks. Done by Jamie Macpherson @ Unity Tattoo in Vancouver, BC
  10. Good job on quitting, keep at it. I've quit for about 2 and a half years now. Smokes a pack a day for about 15 years. I tried to quit numerous times. I even went 11 months one time. I know i'll never smoke again, period. I always like talking about what finally clicked in order to make me quit. It was a book. Easyway to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. I highly recommend it to anyone who really wishes to quit. Its not a big book. Its so short and sweet that I could have easily read it in one day. It took me nearly 3 weeks to actually finish the book. It was very intimidating, because I was wondering how a book could actually make me quit. It doesn't lecture you much, it just goes thru all the scenarios smokers can relate to and it really breaks down why you smoke. I found it gave me the tools I needed. My dad and 3 friends have read the book and still remain smoke free. I highly recommend it.
  11. My appointment is booked for March 15th. The first of two maybe 3 sessions. Getting top half of my arm and chest done. A kappa on the arm, a foo dog on the chest with some peony flowers thru out. I got the rough draft a week or so ago. Looked awesome, waiting for a few minor changes to see final design. So happy with what the artist has shown me. I really like what the artist did with my ideas. I am a horrible artist and enjoy sharing my ideas and seeing what happens. I look forward to posting pics sometime in look April. Gunning for the free shirt in April.
  12. Last year I did a few sessions that were 3 hours long. The longest session I have ever done was just short of 4 hours, 7 or 8 years ago. I was done about a half hour before he stopped. It's a pretty detailed dragon and the outline took awhile, but filling in the colour afterwards was what irritated the most. I'm guessing because the arm was already swelling? Is that normal when people are adding colour in a single session? The reason I ask... I'm getting from my elbow up thru my shoulder and top of my chest done next month. I've only had one guy do any of the work on me currently, and he was up there and age, and last year literally had to take a break every 20-40mins and the 3 hour sessions sucked cause I'd just get into it and they'd he'd need a break. The new guy I am getting work done by, has assured me that he can get the outline done for the whole piece in about 3 hours and ideally if I can sit for 5 maybe 6 hours, he should be able to get all the black and shading done too. Due to the size and what i've experienced, i'm curious if 6 hours will be enough even. Then after that its just a buttload of colour over another session or 2. It was 7 years ago I did the 4 hours and that sucked, but i'm wondering if it was the colouring in on the same day that did that. Last year, the 3 hours a at a time wasn't too bad, but the stop and go was what made that suck. So a question for people that have sat down for awhile, or that this following question may apply to... when having a fairly large outline done, was it easier to sit longer then to sit for a smaller piece w/outlines and colour in less time then a big outline? Also, any tips for preparing for a longer session? Usually I make sure I am not hung over. I have a good breakfast an hour so before, and I would just bring a lot of gatorade or water and drink a lot the whole time. I'm pretty stoked about the new tattoo so I just want it done as fast as possible and because of that I'm preparing to go as long as possible the first day. Lotta rambling in this post, thanks for any replies, lol.
  13. Jamie from here... UNITY TATTOO
  14. I live in BC just outside Vancouver. Found this site by looking for Kappa designs and found one I liked. Seen the forum and have been spending the last week or so looking at the site for ideas and reading information. My next piece is going to go from my elbow up, over my shoulder and onto my chest. Wanted Japanese/Asian theme. Looking at getting a Kappa on the arm area with a Foo Dog across the chest and maybe some Japanese flowers through out, with the traditional sweeping Japanese background, depends on what the artist can draw up and see what fits. I've pretty much found the artist I will be using. See'ing him this Friday to see what he comes up with some of the images I've found. Really stoked, will likely start sitting in the chair come end of February. With all that being said, I am finding a hard time finding Kappa art that I like. The one I found was posted by a user Jonliberty. Im having a difficult time finding a Kappa with the water bowl that I like. A weird sticking point, but it is what it is, lol.
  15. I think the best rule of thumb is to follow the instructions by your artist. Do whatever they say. I've only had one artist. He instructed me to leave the wrap on over night. Wash it well in the morning with mild soap. And do not apply any lotions. Rinse and repeat daily. I guess its called dry healing. Itchy as hell at times. I only washed it once a day. When the itching got real bad I'd either slap my arm or get a cloth and soak it with warm water and squeeze out excess water over the tattoo and just let it dry on its own. I had no problems so it worked for me. I'm going to a different artist next time around and I'll follow whatever instructions he gives me. My wife got work done by this new artist and he didn't really give her instructions so she just followed mine. I will be pressing him as to what he wants me to do, because my wife didn't press the issue.
  16. I've been looking for a forum about tattoos, this seems like a good one. I'm looking at getting more ink, and soon. In any event while searching the forums I found this thread. I'm posting a link to Dave Shores' memorial facebook page. Its hard to find a lot of info on him, but whenever his name is mentioned to local artists it is received well. He did all the work I have thus far, not alot. I got my first tattoo at 18 on my arm. Then another a few years after that I got a dragon on my forearm. I waited quite a few years before I got the other part of the design I wanted finished. Fortunately for me I got Dave to finish it a few months before his passing. I spent about 8 hours in the chair over a month and a half period. I got to hear some interesting things from him. Was a very cool guy and funny. I'm posting the link because this is a history thread. Thomas Lockhart among others posted some stories that go along with the theme of this particular thread. Also, there is a tribute for Dave in April. I'm assuming they will be showcasing his art and by the looks of it, auctioning some pieces off. Tattoo fans in the area may want to check it out. You have to scroll down a ways to find some of the history part, but thought people might want to take a boo. http://www.facebook.com/groups/132402280234104/ Of course if the link doesn't work or its not cool to post in threads. Just a simple search for Dave Shore Memorial should get you to the page easy enough.
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