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    Thank you again for the advice , Toronto is only a stones throw away and Pearl Harbour looks like a great shop , I really like Glens Pin up busts ,I am thinking about getting one for my grandmother , she's 103 years old ,drinks brandy and loves sailors and my tattoo's ,the only reason i ask about the traditional books is that I draw lots of dragons and koi fish but I really have no way of knowing if they are tecniquely sound or correct , I mean i could search through google but How do I know that the ones I find are any more or less correct , By correct I mean number of toes placement of arms
  2. Krown


    yea dude absolutly, as soon as i figure out how haha - - - Updated - - - Thank you for the great advice ,I will definately check out Pearl Harbour Gift Shop, and Tim at Glenny's Tattoos ,I get rather exited when I find a good artist near me , those shops are both going on my list - - - Updated - - - Can anyone suggest some good traditional Japanese refferance books? - - - Updated - - - A few of my stick 'n' pokes, and a few by Alex Pierce - - - Updated - - - forgot one aha
  3. Krown


    Hey ,my name is Kody. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Ontario Canada, I have a hand full of tattoo's either by a friend of mine who opened a shop fresh out of high school ,or done my self. I know that there are great artists out there, and someday I hope to travel to some new places and get some real quality work from different artists ,that said, let me say this ,I have no money... yet..., I am currently working my way through school and have a little one on the way so a full body suit is out of my reach at the moment , but I thought that this would be a really good way to learn more about the
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