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    Thank you again for the advice , Toronto is only a stones throw away and Pearl Harbour looks like a great shop , I really like Glens Pin up busts ,I am thinking about getting one for my grandmother , she's 103 years old ,drinks brandy and loves sailors and my tattoo's ,the only reason i ask about the traditional books is that I draw lots of dragons and koi fish but I really have no way of knowing if they are tecniquely sound or correct , I mean i could search through google but How do I know that the ones I find are any more or less correct , By correct I mean number of toes placement of arms shape of hands and claws,(which I am starting to get a Grasp on _Pun_) and also the way the heads are shaped ,I just try to picture other ones I have seen ,but the composition is still somehow off or askew, can anyone help?
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    yea dude absolutly, as soon as i figure out how haha - - - Updated - - - Thank you for the great advice ,I will definately check out Pearl Harbour Gift Shop, and Tim at Glenny's Tattoos ,I get rather exited when I find a good artist near me , those shops are both going on my list - - - Updated - - - Can anyone suggest some good traditional Japanese refferance books? - - - Updated - - - A few of my stick 'n' pokes, and a few by Alex Pierce - - - Updated - - - forgot one aha
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    Hey ,my name is Kody. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Ontario Canada, I have a hand full of tattoo's either by a friend of mine who opened a shop fresh out of high school ,or done my self. I know that there are great artists out there, and someday I hope to travel to some new places and get some real quality work from different artists ,that said, let me say this ,I have no money... yet..., I am currently working my way through school and have a little one on the way so a full body suit is out of my reach at the moment , but I thought that this would be a really good way to learn more about the history of tattooing and keep myself up to date with what artists are producing ,so i can really have an understanding of the different styles and maybe the different personalities that are behind the work ,I'm very interested in old school flash painting ,its one of the boldest forms of art I've ever seen .The images speak for themselves, there is nothing i could say that would make them any greater than the already are .so i will leave it at this is part of my quest for knowledge ,thanks ill be around, Krown