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  1. These are great, I looooove how those eggs look. So cool!
  2. why not voice your concerns to him instead of complaining to strangers on the internet
  3. I'm not a tattooer, but drawn on makes the most sense to me, especially since I've seen a few tattoos that were actually done freehand, no stencils or drawings.
  4. I'm healing my knee ditch/outer calf right now. Most of it went pretty well, light flaking that has peeled off with no issues, except some spots in the ditch that are pretty scabby and irritated. At least I only have one more knee ditch to look forward to...
  5. I never see anyone talk about Regulations these days. I was never super into them recorded but they were cool live. I was able to see them a handful of times, including in a tiny Syracuse basement where the singer got freaked out by spiders dropping down from the ceiling.
  6. Got this one Saturday at the Rochester convention from Frank William. Instagram
  7. This does not need it's own thread and certainly doesn't warrant your spamming of other threads just so you could start this...
  8. Stop fussing, it really is fine. Like someone said before, it can take up to 3 months for your skin to look and feel 'normal' after a tattoo. This especially applies to tattoos on the lower legs, because they often take longer to heal than other parts of the body. Trust us, that wrinkly shiny look is a normal part of the healing process, and will go away eventually.
  9. Welcome, you should post pictures of your tattoos. No need to start a new thread seeking advice - check out this thread, this topic has been discussed pretty in depth so maybe you will find good advice in there, or just feel free to post in that thread. Reviving old threads rather than starting new ones, especially for broad advice topics like yours, is preferred around here. Where in Texas are you located? Lots of great tattooers in that state.
  10. I've never been to this one so someone else should probably weigh in, but from what I gather it seems like a pretty good convention. It's run by an actual tattooer (Jet from Love Hate in Rochester) and in years past plenty of stand-out artists were there. The website still has last year's line-up posted, but I imagine a lot of those artists will return. It's definitely not as high profile as the SFO convention or some of the big European conventions, but there are still plenty of great artists. I will most likely be there this year, hopefully with at least one appointment.
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