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  1. J4ck987

    Hi all!

    Fair play, almost got a tattoo by frank carter at frith street at the Brighton convention but he was just too busy. Got my throat tattooed by a great guy form tattoo fx though!!
  2. J4ck987

    Hi all!

    Thanks guys, nice to meet ya! Thanks for the replies!
  3. It's is my newbie on my neck, done in London. Hope you like, jack
  4. It can be a nightmare getting all the areas of your back creamed up, it is do-able though! I have my back outlined at the moment and will be getting it shaded and coloured soon,I know that will be even more difficult!!
  5. For the first week of a new tattoo I use bepathen then wrap my tattoo in cling film. Has worked a treat for all of my tattoos and keeps it clean as I do a dirty job.
  6. I have had my knee tattooed for about 2 years now and it is still looking great. I'm a builder too so am always kneeling down and so on and it's still looking good!
  7. J4ck987

    Hi all!

    Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm jack and I live in London, I have been getting tattooed for about 8 years now and have quite an extensive collection!! I will get some pics up for all to see in due course. Any other Londoners on this site? Who's going to the Brighton tattoo convention at the weekend? Jack ;)
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