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  1. Finished my lower leg with Grez at King's Ave NYC. He added the (bloody and swollen) lighthouse and ROA piece to go along with the clipper ship from Russ Abbott. I couldn't be happier with how he was able to tie it all together. Sorry for the giant pic, I'll post healed shots in a couple of weeks, there's a video on my IG: wedge45.
  2. Can't wait...finishing (I hope) my lower leg with Grez on Wednesday.
  3. Welcome, I'm from the northeast as well and I'm also a client at King's Ave.
  4. Sorry, I can't think of what LES is although I'm sure it's something obvious that just isn't coming to me.
  5. Thanks. And I agree with both comments...I always research artists well and I thought Grez would be perfect for this. I can't wait until it's done because it's going to be so much more than it already is. And yea, it's going to look a bit stormy I suppose which is what we want as a take on the piece.
  6. Thanks, it's actually a memorial tattoo that has a lot of personal symbolism. Next session we'll finish the girl and the dove and also adding a light house on the back of the leg to fill it in.
  7. First session on this ROA tattoo done by Grez at King's Ave in NYC, still red and swollen. More pics next month after it's finished.
  8. I've had good luck with Redemption too. But don't over think it, use a fragrance free lotion and you'll be fine. What works well for some people might not work as well for others. I've heard good and bad about tattoo goo.
  9. I just booked an appointment for the spring with Grez at King's Ave in NYC to start a Rock of Ages lower leg piece. Can't wait, he's been one of my favorite artists for some time.
  10. Wedge

    img 6981

    Jesse Rix, N.H.
  11. Sorry for the huge pic, I don't think I posted this but anyway I got this done a few months ago by Jesse Rix in Keene, N.H.
  12. In the process of booking with Chris O'Donnell for 2016...can't wait!
  13. Wedge

    German Wolf

    Murray Sell, CT
  14. Got this German Kaiser wolf today by Murray Sell at Flying Tiger Tattoo in CT. I love it and it's definitely unique.
  15. Getting tattooed this afternoon by Murray Sell in CT, see other post in upcoming tattoos. Should be cool and unique, hope to post pictures later.
  16. Getting tattooed this afternoon by Murray Sell in CT, he's doing an original design of a traditional wolf head wearing an authentic German military helmet.
  17. Yup I was there this past fall and pass through that area all the time on my way down the back roads to the shore on my bike.
  18. I'm a lifelong CT resident, born raised and still there. @Jnvlv
  19. Yes @HaydenRose we saw Phantom, it was the first time I've seen a Broadway show although I've been to NY a million times. The show was amazing in every way.
  20. Sorry for the huge pictures, but yesterday we spent the day in NYC and saw the Rockefeller Center tree and saw an amazing Broadway show. I'm not a big Christmas guy but I'll admit there's nothing like NYC during the holidays.
  21. Actually it was me who was recently given that quote/price from Garver. Whether that's what he would actually charge or not I don't know since I decided not to pursue the project. I won't restart the conversation but I didn't want to leave @MoistTowelette hanging.
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