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  1. Oh my ****ing god, those artists. That work is just awesome. As said, I'm new... and god damn... I'm so happy right now to see that there actually are tattoo artists that have already produced work similar that I'm looking for. So ****ing happy :D Also, thank you for sharing information about Allan Tuul. His work seems different though. It seems to be more about dots, do you think he would be able to produce quality engraving style tattoos as well as the other artists mentioned in this thread? Cheers!
  2. Hi again, At the moment I'm looking for a artists who could do engraving style tattoos that would hold up well. I'm planning to get a bear or bears head with a crown, inspired by reneissance era engravings. Example about mentioned engravings: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EfrUltrGzSY/TgPIzNCSETI/AAAAAAAAACo/8GCx8USIWLM/s1600/durer1.jpg http://othersideofthesky.net/wp-content/uploads/Flammarion.jpg So far I know that Liam Sparkes, Maxime and Duncan X could be good choices. Any other artists who I should consider? I live in Estonia, so it would be really awesome I was able to visit them in La
  3. Looks timeless. Glad you ended up with something that you're so happy with :)
  4. beez glad you got that off your chest. and to beez and other replies, thanks :) much appreciated. Those Maris Pavlo tattoos seem insane. ps. How can a newcomer (like me) to the tattoo scene tell a good black and gray from a medicore or a bad one? Well when it's bad... it's bad and I've noticed that some tattoos are really bad.
  5. Have a good one. Here's one for you, cheers.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I thought about getting the tattoo abroad myself, but sadly I do not have the finances for that at the moment. I figured that I'd spend up to 400 euros (~500 dollars) on the first tattoo, as it's not that big, was hoping that it would cover the cost. Sadly anything beyond that, is out of my financial budget. kylegrey you mentioned that you personally would not get tattoos in any of the parlors I linked. Fair enough. May I ask why? Is their technique "bad" or something else? Taking a trip to Russia is a bigger problem for me, as I dont speak almost any Russian :P
  7. thehee... that hipster theory thing is quite awesome. thanks for the share :)
  8. Thank you for the replies. I've thought about it myself, but for now, thought that it would be best to seek a bit advice from people with tattoos and who tattoo themselves (this community). I respect the craft and people who make tattoos, however as I'm a complete newcomer to the whole tattoo concept (I dont know anyone who has tattoos). In other words I am a bit afraid that once I go to the tattoo parlor, the tattoo artist might use my lack of knowledge about the subject and just say "yes yes yes, it will be awesome, it can be done, it will stay like this for 60 years :)" Perhaps I'm being
  9. Hey there, For about 10 years, I've fantasized about getting a tattoo. Now I finally got the funds and time to do it. The problem here is that I think that my tattoo idea ain't all that good. I've wanted to get something inspired by renaissance era engravings. A example: http://uploads7.wikipaintings.org/images/albrecht-durer/saint-eustace.jpg But the more I've read this forum and other publications about tattoos, I've come to understand that very detailed tattoos might go blurry faster (when compared to bold tattoos with less detail). I accept that tattoos age as we all do & dont m
  10. Hey there :) Welcome. Got any tats yourself?
  11. I like the simplicity of your arm tattoo :) And welcome!
  12. Thats one fierce beast you got there. Just curious, do you shave your legs or did the tattoo process somehow stop hair growth?
  13. To be honest, for whatever reason, I found http://lh4.ggpht.com/-rQ6rDPPEvCo/S8k1mmGwZLI/AAAAAAAAAZA/xRLR0sR3tOI/s720/bob_marley.jpg (first picture?) more appealing. But seriously, dont put any weight to what I like or dislike about tattoos, I dont know much about it. I just like the picture I mentioned better :)
  14. Hey Ashley, seems we're on the same boat :) Welcome from me as well. Ps. The thing in your avatar, is that from some mario game?
  15. Well it is girly. Female + celebrity + tattoo = most likely a tiny tat, not a full face tattoo :P Kinda makes sense :)
  16. Hi, Had no idea that it has been discussed before, but I do agree with you. The world does not need negative threads. Ps. stating that a fellow member produces bs is also negative ;)
  17. Well... fake or true, not likely to happen any time soon.
  18. Yeah. Hi. I'm from Estonia (Northen EUrope). I dont know alot about tattoos. The little I know, I've learned from this site, reading articles online, watching interviews with tattoo artists etc. Ah yes and I also have 2 dogs, 2 cats and I'm studying to be a preschool teacher. I'm 27. Got the idea of getting a tattoo around 10 years ago or so, since then I've thought about it, forgot about it, remembered about it and now... I'm thinking that it would be a good time to finally get my tattoo started. Thanks for reading :)
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