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  1. Alot of the ones I asked said they just don't like the idea of blood leaving their body. They are find putting ink in the skin I guess but the idea of something taking it away. I don't really fully understand it, it's just a trend I noticed.
  2. Oh, when you get your first tattoo you have alot of concerns like this. I draw blood for a blood portion of my day, and have seen more than one patient "jump" when I stuck the needle in. Why I am on the topic, I noticed an odd trend when it comes to the patients I see. The ones that are REALLY afraid of needles tend to have tattoos. It seems really ironic to me that they can put themselves through hours of having a needle jabbed in them while getting a tattoo, but drawing a tube of blood has them sweating. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Pain is something that has actually been a big concern to me when getting my tattoo. I'm in the process of getting my first one, and it will be a fairly large peice extening from my upper army to shoulders. I guess my biggest concern is that I'm going to somehow move and cause the artist to "screw up". How does an artist deal with that?
  4. Thanks guys, well I have an idea for a tribal style tattoo, and was hoping for recommendations in the Richmond, Virginia area for artists who specialize or are heavily experienced with that type of tattoo. There are so many shops in the area, that it's a little intimating that I'm going to choose "wrong". I know I could easily go through the shops myself, but it would definatley help save time and effort (of me and the potential artists) if I had a starting point. I just want to have the "best version" of my tattoo idea generated and find the best man or woman for the job. Thank you guys for
  5. For me its just a practicality thing. I want a tattoo that I can show off easily, but cover up when I need to. I'm in the military and with the draw down there has been talk of tightening up the tattoo standards, so any place I can cover with shorts and a t-shirt is fair game.
  6. Interesting question. I am nearly 29 years old and my wife absolutely hates tattoos, but is being more than supportive for me getting one. No everyone is going to like them, including romantic interests, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a key issue.
  7. I don't think you will look ridiculous at all. The only concern with this I think it might warp the tattoo a bit if your weight fluctuates, depending on placement.
  8. I don't think it is nearly as bad as it used to be. Walk in any public place, professional or not, you can usually spot ink.
  9. To me black light tattoo's can be cool...but it's so situational that it's not really worth it. I want to see my tattoo without the aid of special lights.
  10. I am a long time tattoo enthusiast finally looking to take the plunge and get my first Tattoo. I'm 29 years old, married with two kids. I am currently serving in the army as a medical laboratory specialist. Anyways I'm hoping to meet more like minded individuals and get assistance with my first tattoo!
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