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  1. Appreciate the welcome folks. A friend of mine was getting work done by Henning back in 2007 and he introduced me. It's been a great artist/client relationship and friendship since then. And "Yes" all of my work done by Henning has been when he does a guest spot at Kings Avenue. Of course, it was a natural progression to get something from Rubendall having been in and out of his shop so much. Both Rubendall and Henning are true gentleman, and Rubendall and his staff have always made me feel welcomed every time I come in for work. The Kings Avenue crew is top notch. Chris O'Donnell is there now a couple of times a week and I got to chat with him briefly last week. Definitely going to get something from him in the near future. I also follow the entire staff from InvisibleNYC on Instagram. Troy's posts are hilarious and crack me up all the time. Everyone there is really putting out stellar looking work (from this layman's point of view). I might swing by there just to ask about the bonji but I'm in no rush as I have so much more work planned ahead of me. Oddly enough, a former co-worker of mine was getting work from Thomas Hooper and I ran into Hooper at my job site once. Chatted with him and then emailed him. Really nice guy but super tough to get on his client list. Not surprising as his work is AMAZING. I will post some pics later this evening to share with all.
  2. Hi Folks, Just wanted to introduce myself here as I've been lurking for the better part of the past year. My name is Ricky from NYC. Born, bred, and still working/living in the lower east side of Manhattan. I got my first tattoo in 2009 at the ripe old age of 33 and have been getting tattooed every year ever since. I have two 3/4 sleeves and a thigh piece, all by Henning Jorgensen. Currently Henning is working on a collaboration with Mike Rubendall on my back. It's been a fantastic experience getting tattooed by these two great artists. I have to say that the Internet and Instagram have been a blessing in doing research and just looking at all the wonderful talent that is out there. I'm always in awe of artists, as I can't even draw a stick figure to save my life and I personally consider tattooing a true art form. I decided to come out from behind the shadows as I wanted to branch my collection out a little bit. In NYC, there's just so many talented artists to choose from and I'm starting to run out of real estate. What I was searching for on the forums was an artist who is really adept at nice bonji characters. I really wanted to get on Thomas Hooper's wait list, but he's booked solid and he will be moving away from NYC this coming June. I prefer to stay local and I may contact Chris O'Donnell or someone else, but still wanted to hear people's recommendation's on solid bonji work. Troy Denning has great bonji characters around his neck and I'm going to email his shop. Hopefully it was one of his artists that did them. Anyways, thanks for putting together this great forum and hope to meet many like minded individuals who share a love and passion for beautiful tattoos. Cheers