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  1. Well it's been a year since I've had my back worked on and per our usual fall schedule, Henning was in town and this time we FINISHED my back! Some of you might have seen the updates via Instagram. So happy with this collaboration between Henning and Rubendall being completed! WARNING, PIC HEAVY!!! Put your browser on FULL SCREEN!

    The master himself, Henning Jorgensen. Such a great artist and humble man.


    Filling in the phoenix...tail feathers, breast, head and a few touch ups here and there.


    Such a pleasure watching Henning work. I was so stoked with the zebra/tiger striped pattern he chose for the remaining tail feathers.


    Touch up on a tender spot...the spare tire.


    Slowly getting there.


    Details details details...


    Close-up of the phoenix...beautiful!


    Full view from my right side. There was poor lighting inside since it was dark out, so they propped me up on a table and surrounded me with lights.


    A quick reminder of the work Mike Rubendall did on the lower half of this collaboration. LOVE his water!


    Another angle of my lower half.


    Here's the finished top half.


    Finished full back in all it's glory. My back is a sea of colors! Hope everyone enjoyed my show and tell! (don't mind the feet on the left or right, hahaha)


  2. Matt Ahn who works out of Invisible on Orchard Street, I believe is Vietnamese. Also I believe the owner or main tattooer at Inkman out in Brooklyn is of Vietnamese decent. Good luck!

  3. This is a piece by Justin Weatherholtz at Kings Avenue. I saw it in person. Basically, this client had an acne issue and went to a dermatologist for an acne treatment shot. Problem was he turned out to be allergic to the medication and it scarred up the acne pretty badly. Justin tattooed in the scars and used the texture of the scarred skin to create an almost 3D effect. The blacks/greys in the water....that's scar dimpling and cavities that got filled in.