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  1. You bet your sweet bippy! Here's some football to get us through the SB bye week:
  2. Barbie + Mandypants + Sake + Nassau, Bahamas = This Video
  3. I would love to bring LST Community to my uncles country club for a round of golf followed by cocktails on the veranda!
  4. 1) Puerto Rican Parade 2) Lost in the mall parking lot 3) Jimmy loves the jumpshoe episode! I love the look on Puddy's face when Kramer tells him that he made the entire dinner in the shower in that episode.
  5. I'm getting fat as hell up here. Pok Pok was ridiculously good. Best wings I've ever had in my life. Which doughnut do you want? Bacon Doughnut?
  6. I've been stalking all of you anonymously for months without a user name since Loch told me he was starting a tattoo forum in May. Babs convinced me I needed to register as she was showing me D Costello's hilarious posts. I don't have any tattoos but I'm up for any suggestions.
  7. Hey dork! Thanks for finally joining dad.

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