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  1. Lubriderm worked a lot better when I was on the west coast. For my first tattoo ever I used Mineral oil and it's my best healed one. It's a little tough finding unscented but I put a super thin layer and that shit lasts for a very long time. Plus it makes the already healed tattoos look shiny and new :)
  2. The only time (so far) I've experienced a huge tattoo downer was with my old mentor. It's a corset lace in the inner bicep. Most people say it's pretty cool but he was making passes at me during the session, and overall being his dickhead self. So the process sucked and afterwards I'm left with this obnoxious memory. I'm hoping I can get it covered one day but it would be a miracle. Hehe
  3. I didn't want to start a new thread for my quick question. So this is the most relevant thread I can find. I got a tattoo on the front of my thigh, pretty sure its been a month now. Still at it's dry, itchy stage for a while. Just wondering if that tends to be common with that area for a lot of you. I'm not concerned, just....annoyed. :P
  4. Just sounds like you're still swollen? For me it takes a solid 3 days for that part to go away...on a decent sized piece anyway.
  5. I would think it's obvious they are lacking that ability, since passing judgment is one of those things that prevent one from reaching that goal of mindfulness. That's why art is so beautiful. There are no limitations, and should never be. Not getting something because it offends another person puts restrictions on them and myself. They will never learn and become a better person, and people can't express themselves properly to feel comfortable in their own skin. Everyone loses. And it's not actually hurting anyone.....really. They'll live.
  6. It's funny coming back to this thread now that I'm single, since my previous posts from a while ago I was in a relationship. He still does not have any tattoos, but all I know is I definitely want someone that has a major interest in it. I guess it's safe to say it's a fetish of mine, since it's a big part of my life... So the next one to come along it may have to be a requirement :) Just feels like a waste of time trying to explain this whole culture to a newbie....I think it's a big part of understanding a person on a fundamental level to begin with, and if you gotta explain it's a lit
  7. Really feel for her.. especially after explaining that she is a practicing Buddhist, and is well traveled. Which is part of the reason I would cover myself up pretty well visiting certain countries. Not worth being jailed for something completely innocent, but at the same time stories like this paves way for a different view on tattooed culture. Or at least helps in some ways...
  8. Netflix is super cheap anyway. What a tard.
  9. Was just going to do a walk-in. All the artists are awesome, so I don't mind whoever is available. And yea I went when I was way younger, two of my buddies got tattooed there. Super chill place. Was amazing. Cool, thanks I'll definitely take a look at his stuff when I'm there. :) He's the older senior man yea? I think he was the one that tattooed my friends. He was using like an extra magnifying glass attached to his glasses. hehe
  10. Really awesome! During my trip in Montreal I'm getting a matching tattoo with my good friend, at PSC.
  11. I was thinking of this guy when Miley Cyrus made her come-back.... Guess now I got my answer that he's still completely obsessed with her. Disturbing dedication that is. :/
  12. A friend told me about this place in Montreal. It's not as bad as most posted here, but still ridiculous. They consider themselves the best tattoo shop in the city... just wow.. Best Tattoo Designs in Montreal – 514 Ink Tattoo & Piercing
  13. Ignorance and stubbornness is never a good combination....
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