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  1. *Big hugs* to you. I lost my best friend last month, suddenly. He was one of those people that could have change the world. In a way some of what he said was reassuring. I've spent the last month scrambling to grab onto something positive out of this....The one thing I can share is grasp everything he said and have it live through you. Something like this makes you feel like you grew up 10 years in a few days...of constant thinking and questioning... how we treat each other...what it's like to be human... At least his suffering is over... Unfortunately we carry on with tears until we meet them on the other side. Be well xoxox
  2. Hey! Thanks for the link. I'll definitely watch :)

  3. Hey Kahlan, have you watched the Vice Tattoo Age series? They did a great job and knowing what little I do about your background(/ambitions) thought they'd be a great watch for ya.. Check 'em out, here's the first episode of three they did with Valerie but they're all on there: | VICE United States

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