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  1. Well I recently found out I have an autoimmune disorder, AND I just had my second house fire in two years.
  2. I don't use every single one of them every single day, like. I do wear sun cream every day but I don't spend much time outside most days so it only has to go on once, and then I have the different types depending on what I'm doing. The regular waterproof one and fluid are the only ones I'd normally use. The oil if for when the air is very dry, which doesn't happen often where I live. It's mostly for when I'm away at festivals. Same with the sprays really, I only bring them if I know I'll be out for more than an hour. I'd use BB/CC creams as a base for makeup anyway, so they may as well use high factor ones. Same with lip balm, I'd use it anyway so may as well. It doesn't get in the way of anything. Cream goes on in the morning with my normal moisturisers, if I'm out that day and need to reapply it it takes all of 30 seconds each time (which is why I have the sprays), and I exfoliate/wash/cleanse every night. It's just part of the routine and takes up maybe an extra 5 minutes a day at most.
  3. I always wear suncream , even on blank skin, even in the winter when it rains all the time and we get 6 hours of daylight. Sun damage is the primary cause of premature aging. I have a 50+ regular water resistant cream that goes on every single day, a 50+ oil to stop my skin from dehydrating when there's not much humidity, a 50+ non-greasy fluid for my face, a 50+ spray for my body because that's easier to reapply during the day, a 50+ mist for my face that I can reapply over makeup, and an SPF30 chapstick, only because I can't find a 50+ one. And SPF50+/PA+++ BB and CC creams. The mist is PA+++ too, and I'm looking into replacing everything else with Korean brands because they have a rating system for UVA protection as well as UVB, and Western ones don't.
  4. Reminds me of the chap with 82 Julia Roberts portraits.
  5. Got some healed pictures of this one recently: Lighting isn't great but but you get the idea. And to think I told myself I wouldn't get more band tattoos.
  6. I've only ever seen one nice handwriting/signature tattoo. It was on a thigh, and it was done as if the writing was on a postcard with a hand holding the postcard and some flowers around it. I wish I could remember who did it.
  7. My granny found out I have tattoos again the other day. She actually saw one a coupe of years ago but she has some form of dementia so she completely forgot about it. We've all agreed not to remind her because it shocks her too much and then she complains to my aunt for letting me do it. She was over for dinner on Saturday, I had long sleeves on and that was fine, but then I went off to do something else and wandered back into the kitchen a while later without rolling my sleeves back down. I didn't even notice until I heard her scream "JAYSUS, WHAT"S THAT ON YOUR ARM?!" I don't think she liked it much. *edit* Reminds me of when one of my friends showed his ma his first tattoo. He said she just went white and said "is that the devil on your arm?" The only proper answer to that question is "yes".
  8. I'm _i__k_. Just drawings, but I don't post them nearly as often as I should.
  9. Sorry, it doesn't look that big to me. Should be better now?
  10. Noooo, my dog just scratched my four day old baphomet tattoo! That has to be the only time she's ever scratched me of all the 60 billion times I've thrown that ball for her. There are no visible scratches on it and it doesn't look like she pulled anything off, so hopefully it'll still heal up alright.
  11. ^ Eh, I'd tend to agree with that. An awful lot of them look like they just got covered quickly for the sake of the overall "look" rather than accumulating good tattoos over time. But then I guess time's not really on your side when you're a model. This is a generalisation and it doesn't go for everyone, obviously.
  12. Yeah, loads of famous people have utterly shite tattoos when they could afford way better. Money can't buy taste.
  13. Ah, my dear friend the scabby itch. How I have (not) missed you. It's healing pretty well though all the same. I see one small spot that'll need to be touched up, but I have another session to go anyway.
  14. I know a lad who has a tattoo of some angels,chariots, etc.. It's nicely done but the unintentional focal point of the whole thing is a horse's arse. The artist actually put in a little black dot for the horse's arsehole. It's so unfortunate, but so funny.
  15. The thing is, it's actually not illegal to tattoo minors with or without parental consent where I live (frowned upon, sure), so I probably could have found someone decent to do it if I'd spent more than an hour looking.
  16. Okay, here's mine. I got it when I was 17, less than a week after I decided I was getting a tattoo. For extra shit points, it's an album cover: The guy who did it started it and then said, "Wait, are you 18?" "Uh... Yeah." "Okay, I just have to ask." I actually found his portfolio online not long ago and I'd never realised how lucky I was until then. My tattoo was one of his much better pieces. The top isn't bent like that, I took the picture at a weird angle. I hated it for a long time but I don't think I could ever get rid of it now. It's old school as fuck.
  17. I got it when I was 17 AND it's a band logo.
  18. It's not a good idea to wear acrylic, it can degrade inside the body and leech toxins into the skin. If you need retainers, wear glass. I like piercings, I only have 8 at the moment but I've had a total of 16. Right now I have my philtrum done, bilateral nostrils, my conch, an industrial and the rest in my lobes. I want to get my bridge repierced, then high nostrils and an inverse vertical labret.
  19. The first bit of my new sleeve is booked in for the 5th of April. A big baphomet on my inner forearm. I have another tattoo further up my arm that I got about a month after I turned 18 and I've been planning on getting it fixed since about a week after I got it. Really happy to finally be getting started now.