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  1. This thread always has the sickest work! Here's mine, just finished a few weeks ago:
  2. Just finished my second tattoo! Dutch Cooke, Immortal Ink in Clinton, NJ. I'm a beer brewer, and grew up fishing with my grandfather, so this is a little tribute to both. As for the octopus, why not?
  3. Sorry about that! I accidentally deleted them while cleaning up my Imgur. The tattoo is now finished, so I'll post up the completed work and link it here. Edit: Link to post.
  4. I'm three sessions in on my second tattoo. Here's what it looks like today (beer and clouds done just last night)--click the pix to biggify: I'm totally in love with it. I can't get over how amazing the beer glass and octopus look. I also dig the way the clouds frame the ship, sort of like the twisted rope in many nautical tattoos. Where I need the inspiration is finishing it off. My artist feels like it needs something to frame the lower part. He's thinking lightning bolts like this, but thinner: But I'm honestly not feeling that. I'm having trouble envisioning anything down there t
  5. I know Chris is booked out at least 6mo, probably more. I've also heard email isn't always a good way to get him. You may just want to call the shop. There are a lot of really talented artists there. I got my first tattoo done by Dutch, and couldn't be happier.
  6. Yes, that was me. I'm in the process of getting my brewery started. And yes, I do like beer!
  7. I finally get to compete! :) Hops done by Dutch Cooke of Immortal Ink, in Clinton, NJ. Click the pix for full size. -Joe
  8. Here it is all healed up! Images are huge, so click for bigness. -Joe
  9. New Jersey. I'm going for distribution. The laws just changed so I can operate a tasting room, so that helps a lot.
  10. Of course :) I'm considering two directions, both more traditional style. I love straight razors, pin-ups, and WWII nose art. I'm trying to come up with a concept, but may just tell my artist that and let him go nuts. The other possibility is an Alice in Wonderland piece. Something really dark, like the original. Not the happy, dopey Alice from Disney. I love the over-the-shoulder placement, so I'll probably do the other side.
  11. Hah! Thanks for the intro, @gougetheeyes. Another avid homebrewer here. Planning on going pro this year, in fact. Just got my first tattoo, and I also chose hops! -Joe
  12. Thanks! We've reached the peeling-like-sunburn part of the healing. Thought I'd keep up with the progress shots. -Joe
  13. Color and shading last night! Another 3 hours, but I think it was totally worth it. A little more orangey than I was expecting, but I'm guessing that will calm down a little as it heals. Either way, I love it. The shading really gave the image depth and made those leaves and cones pop off my skin. The second pic is the day after (this morning) right after washing and Aquaphor. -Joe
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