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  1. Hey guys haven't posted in awhile but FINALLY getting my tattoo finished booking it tomorrow :D and also adding another piece of one of my favourite bands that has some meaning I'm getting the album cover of trooper by iron maiden with eddie holding the British flag because I have British heritage and iron maiden is just AWESOMEiron-maiden-trooper-mp3.html?m=1

  2. Ex-lurker here. Got this from Greg Christian on Saturday. At first I wanted it to wrap a little bit with the wings spread a little wider, but Greg recommended I do it like this so that the whole thing could be seen directly from the front. I am glad as shit I listened to him-I'm so happy with the way it fits in the space (right shin)



    Also got this from him back in November (outside of right thigh).



    I don't know how to post pictures right.

    Both are GREAT pieces but I just LOVE the wolf head :)

  3. Here is my tattoo, done at Cloak and Dagger by Steve.


    Looks awesome I'm new to the forum too and I can tell you now the people here are really helpful. Great suggestions for my first tattoo that I got on Thursday (I turn 17 next month)

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  4. It takes time to heal, but it is so worth it in the end. So happy that you love it. Doesn't it feel good to finally say you've had the experience? How did you do during the session?

    Yeah I agree its definitely worth it. And during the session I did good I could definitely feel it on the wrist and near the ditch and elbow everywhere else was good. Took only 3 breaks one being for lunch after the outline. The shading was the most pain haha after 5 hours he asked if I wanted to stop and I had to cause I couldn't take it anymore :p when its healed gunna go back for another 2 hours of shading but I dont think it'll be as bad. Hopefully :p

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  5. Vpooch,

    Wow, I am so impressed. I really love the placement. Well done Padawan Learner the wait is finally over.

    Thanks you! I love it cant wait for it to be healed now haha :p

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  6. I got my first tattoo Thursday and the artist told me to leave the bandage on for an hour then have a shower and wash it with some mild soap so I did that and it didnt start scabbing until around noon the next day. He told me to apply h2Ocean 3 times a day and Im worried about my tattoo because it has some scabbing ( which I know is normal) and has like white on top of the scab (could be flaking I dont know) but it kind of worries me... any ideas?

  7. Here's an unshaded pic of just bottom of the forearm I sat for 5 hours and I'm not done the shading another 2 hours but I couldn't sit any longer. When I take the wrap off I will shower then show you guts whats been done :)

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  8. @vPooch Listen to your body. First few days will be swelling, then the flaking/scabbing. If your forearm gets a lot of play in lacrosse, you'll just want to make sure it's covered up for safety and hygiene until its healed.

    Thanks yeah I'm probably just gunna tell the coach that I'll be out for a week tops because I wanna make sure its healed before going back since I dont want to mess it up

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  9. @vPooch As you learn more about Japanese tattoo you'll see that there are certain elements that traditionally go together, and Karajishi-Botan (the lion and the peony) is one of those combinations.

    Click this link for a snippet of an interview between Crystal Morey and Horimasa about some of the dos and don'ts of traditional Japanese tattooing, and if it continues to interest you then get to researching, son! The article in full is interesting, as well - I think le google will help you find it. There is a lot of great info out there, it's up to you to find it! Hopefully this is a good (albeit tiny!) jumping off point.

    Yeah I LOVE the traditional Japanese artwork and the meanings behind it I plan on sticking to mostly Japanese tattoos. I will check the link after school

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