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  1. Welcome to LST! and great first tattoo Clay, keep heading in that direction. Now as far as a tattoo for your boys goes here are a few ideas, another rose(you can never have enough) Snake around a dagger, panther and tiger heads, ,eagle vs snake, snake vs dragon, pretty much any two animals battling, rose and snake, two hot stuff devils, crying and smiling baby heads. I dunno there is a few for you just to think about.

  2. I had one of the best tattoo experiences today and officially crossed the line into weird territory with this by Mando Rascon today. Immaculate tattoo is definitely the best shop I've been in so far and Mando is honestly the best dude I've met,

    after the tattoo they shouted me lunch and he took me on a tour around Mesa and Tempe and then drove me all the way home to my hostel!!. what a dude.

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