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  1. He tattooed over the irritated line for a second time. after healing the second time the line is now flat and doesnt seem to be irritated. seems like it did the trick.
  2. To update my artist tattooed over a line as a test and now after almost a week of healing the line is laying flat and not irritated anymore. When the line was tattooed it bled and released the nasty sharpie-ness that was fucking with my skin.
  3. Honestly I haven't had much discomfort, just rough and flaking raised outlines where the sharpie was used throughout the entire arm. None of the outline is or has been bleeding. I am seeing my artist tomorrow. If he doesnt have any ideas ill schedule a derm appointment.
  4. Just talked to a local artist who mentioned using tea tree oil may help, thinking about trying it out. Anyone used tea tree oil before and had good experiences?
  5. ?I tried benadryl for 3 nights with no improvement. Seeing my artist in a few days and see what he says.
  6. I have also run into an issue with my tattoos being raised and the skin being aggravated where my artist used sharpie markers. I have been working on a full sleeve and consistently within the outline anywhere he used sharpie to draw on me, the tattoo healed under a raised, shiny layer of skin. these parts itch (some spots worse than others, depending on the location) and flake constantly, even two months after the fact. I talked with my artist and we decided to let my arm heal for a couple more weeks since I had been getting tattooed weekly. now with my next appointment coming up I can see that the raised outlines aren't getting any better or worse. I mentioned last session that I would give the benadryl a try and tonight is my first shot at that. I don't think I have a major problem and it seems to be a common one, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with something that cleared this up. Tattooing over the same areas with water, benadryl, special creams, anything? here is a shot of the outline area, not all areas are this red but you can see that shiny skin: