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  1. I'm heavily tattooed and a tattooer, and my girlfriend of five years is not tattooed. We are polar opposite people, but it works great. She's super supportive of my career, of my tattoo choices, and all of our friends are tattooed. It's almost like she's the rebel these days.
  2. Ribs, back and palm... Really make your ass pucker up. Worst of times.
  3. Got this ass sucking Kappa when I was out working the Vancouver Tattoo Show from Chad Woodley. Healed beautifully. Great tattooer.
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    Andy Griffin
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    Andy Griffin
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    Andy Griffin
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    Andy Griffin
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    Andy Griffin
  9. My Raijin and Kirin by Dave Cummings at PSC, in Montreal. It's all don except for some background to tie in my rock of ages below it. Stokes.
  10. The tattoo jealousy, was meant for you haha. Me and the internet don't get along. - - - Updated - - - The tattoo jealousy, was meant for you haha. Me and the internet don't get along. But, now as I look iwar's are crazy as well. Damn. - - - Updated - - - Daaamn, soo nice. That's gonna be rad. I just posted in there as well.
  11. Started my ribs/the rest of my leg with Dave Cummings. I'll be in Montreal every two months to get this sucker done. Super stoked.
  12. Come out and check it out sometime. - - - Updated - - - I'm getting raijin and a Kirin from armpit to knee. Real stoked. Yourself? - - - Updated - - - Thanks a lot man. Means a lot from a guy with a collection like yours. I have tattoo jealousy, right now haha.
  13. Thanks guys. There's a few of us floating around out here in the North Atlantic. I'm actually in MTL fairly often, getting tattooed by Dave Cummings at PSC.
  14. Hi, I'm Andy Griffin from St. John's, Newfoundland. It's the most easterly point in North America, for those geography aficionados. I tattoo at Trouble Bound Studio, and have been doing so for two years. I joined this a year or so ago, bit have never gotten around to posting. Nice to meet you internet folk.