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  1. I believe a regular client should be allowed some time slide, I dont think prices should be matched if a new client comes in and drops hints that they have been quoted less, My tattooist started my full day bookings at 1200, now that ive spent so much with him i can get a full day for around the 600 mark, that being said i sit like a rock and i let him run free with it aslong as its bright and colorful lol
  2. haha, Im not racist in anyway what soever, but i love taking great icons.. and making them me, I intend on the next one being charlie chaplin.. almost at 2 full sleeves starting my chest soon lol :)
  3. I have patience across the top of mine lol, In saying that as an apprentice tattooist we always advise people that finger tattoo's dont really last the distance and require constant attention :)
  4. I know most of you all prefer Traditional, this is My latest, done by Ricky Carr @ Titan tattoo's Australia
  5. I've had a young guy come into the shop i apprentice in, with outline looking tribal thing taking up half of his face *gang sign*, Nearly impossible but he is going for a cover-up in bio-mechanical!
  6. I was a finalist in two tattoo comps, won best female arm.. was a happy camper lol
  7. Well I never had tattoo's until i met my partner who is covered from head to toe, with very limited space remaining, He encouraged me to get what i wanted and he turned me into a crazy tattoo addict.. So 4 years later Im Being taught how to tattoo by a great mentor and im about 50% covered and dont plan on stopping, Love and relationships dont workout from the way you look, i mean it helps in the beginning but, I get so many comments and people talking to me about my tattoo's! Only place i cop stares is at my sons school lol! Oh, Ive also had my fair share of *plainskins* giving me their impu
  8. As an apprentice myself, in Australia.. My training goes unpaid, But My mentor is fair I attempt custom designs if i manage to get what the customer or my mentor agree upon i recieve the drawup fee, I also recieve bonuses for being useful and improving if my mentor notices. It is hard to work unpaid but it shows commitment and i work my butt off to make sure the draw-ups i do are to the best of my current ability ( I'm improving :p), Majority of apprentices quit or get to pushy about tattooing to have an income, I'm patient and enjoying every part of the expierence and cannot wait to have the
  9. Longest ive sat for was 9 hours and than i did another 3 hours on my feet with a 30 minute break, Sadly because my nerves were really touchy in my right foot i couldnt sit still any longer :(
  10. Huge fan of mermaid tattoo's cannot wait to add one to my collection!
  11. insaniity

    Hey guys!

    Hi, all just introducing myself, I'm 23 always been addicted to the tattoo industry a huge lover of the finer arts ;), recently gained my tattoo apprenticeship a few months ago.. learning the basics and drawing..drawing and drawing some more. I have an amazing teacher, who i have a huge amount of respect for! Just enjoy reading other artists insights and knowledge ;) Cheers Elle
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