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  1. Here's some of the recent ones I've done.. If you want to see more, my instagram is @lesterSlester
  2. I had the pleasure of trying one of my co-workers liquid acrylics today, so this is my first painting with acrylics. I think i might have to buy some now, even though i really cant afford it :s
  3. Here's a couple i did this past week, why was i not aware of this thread?!
  4. Both are really nice! The lettering in the second one is stellar!
  5. I dont mind showing people one of my tattoos if its not too much trouble, i see it as an opportunity to recommend a good shop or artist.
  6. Got this one from Chad Koeplinger when he guested Royal Tattoo a couple of days ago. Such a great experience!
  7. I'm pretty sure I was being tattooed by Marija Ripley, when you came in to set up the appointment! Den blev super fed!
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