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  1. Here's some of the recent ones I've done.. If you want to see more, my instagram is @lesterSlester
  2. I had the pleasure of trying one of my co-workers liquid acrylics today, so this is my first painting with acrylics. I think i might have to buy some now, even though i really cant afford it :s
  3. Here's a couple i did this past week, why was i not aware of this thread?!
  4. Both are really nice! The lettering in the second one is stellar!
  5. I dont mind showing people one of my tattoos if its not too much trouble, i see it as an opportunity to recommend a good shop or artist.
  6. Got this one from Chad Koeplinger when he guested Royal Tattoo a couple of days ago. Such a great experience!
  7. I'm pretty sure I was being tattooed by Marija Ripley, when you came in to set up the appointment! Den blev super fed!
  8. I don't personally like FUZI's stuff, but he's background as a graffiti artist and his style there helps me to 'understand' why his stuff looks the way it does. Many of my graffiti painting friends claim that they would get tattooed by him, and some of them are actually tattooers who understand and do what we here, think of as good tattooing. His background and the fact that a good portion of his clients probably are writers aswell, explains why he writes his one next to his tattoos.
  9. I tone down my chili intake (which is usually pretty high), so my stomach won't cause any problems. I eat a big meal of protein and vegetables which keeps my bloodsugar pretty consistent and i find that helps a lot. I didn't do that yesterday, and i felt the difference! When i get home i always smoke a little, and watch documentaries untill i fall a sleep.
  10. If you go through Bangkok, never use a tuk tuk, use a normal cab and insist that they use the meter. If they refuse, just take another one, every third car in Bangkok is a cab. Where are you going in Thailand and what do you want to experience? Oh, the ladyboys are everywhere on Thailand, but if you keep away from certain areas, they wont bother you at all, and as a first timer you wont even know its a ladyboy half the time.
  11. I'll be pretty safe, i have a beautiful ladyhead, a rose and some text.
  12. Slester


    I can also be found on Instagram at LESTERSLESTER. God damn i love that app, such a nice way to look at great tattoos all day long.
  13. How early would it be considered okay to use sunblock on a new tattoo? Of course one of the milder ones without perfume and other nasty stuff.
  14. It's a fathersday gift to my mom since my dad is an asshole ;)
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