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    i have a few and am always wanting more tattoo's
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    tattoo's and online gamming
  1. wow, the shin i've have both my shins done but it wasn't so much a painful thing rather a bit uncomfortable :) but having said that the most pain i had was the tops of my hands
  2. well my latest if i can call it was don on my left shin about two inches bellow the knee, (because of the rules regarding spamming topic and the like i have included the link to the image, this link if from within the forum itself). i have been told many 'pain stories' but honestly if it hurt we would not get inked Here It Is
  3. the feet is not as bad as you would think i have had both my feet don although not an allover but rather a 'ferrel face monster' and the character for Dragon it's anovel sensation but not that bad i am not sure if posting in a topic as old as this but i will no doubt learn :)
  4. thank you both, it has taken a while to 'find' a forum that appears to be 'homely' enough
  5. makes you wonder, has he been drinking his ink late at night :eek:
  6. well as like in many forums there is always this type of "intro" so here i go. i am an avid collector of tattoo's and i am always wanting to collect more, so i hope i fit in in here :)