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    25 years old, got my first tattoo at 13 (of course done with a needle and Indian ink lol) my first REAL tattoo at 18. Now at 25 I have 14 tattoos.
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    Rochester, NY
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    Being a mother :) tattoos, music, and horror movies!
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    Stay at home mom. Husband is an IT
  1. and the girl who did my tattoo did a great job. Just look weird because of how old and faded my RB tattoo is..gonna look good when its all done and re colored. - - - Updated - - - I was messing with the clone tool on a photo editing website...and I came up with that..like I cloned the bottom purple and stars and the cluods
  2. no this is what I came up with using the clone tool
  3. no the RB was done in NC back in 2006 the bears were done here in beaver pa - - - Updated - - - ya because there is not ONE good artist here where I am right? lol check out http://crayontattoo.com/
  4. I am 45 min outside of burgh, can not travel that far because I have 2 little ones!
  5. lol ya im use to jabs I guess...been getting them since I was 12!
  6. lol I knew this would turn into an ICP convo :( damn clowns lol. I am a decent person! My husband is also a juggalo, and a very hard working father, makes wonderful money so I can stay home with my kids! we do not party or use drugs...we dress normal! I do not go to concerts anymore because I am always home with my babies! so yes I am a good person :) not all juggalos are trailer trash ;) we own a really nice house! OWNED :) and my juggalo husband is very successful. He is an IT, but does side jobs, he is like the jack of all trades I swear. He is building a beautiful theater room for our new
  7. Rochester, NY. I live outside of Pittsburgh now.
  8. When I was younger and dumb I had a shitty care bear tattoo under there lol so now I'm trying to get it fixed by a pro and make it look right. I got 2 days to come up with something. - - - Updated - - - It's not just on my shoulder, the care bear tattoo is part of the half sleeve, and ill be adding my little pony under the bears.
  9. Fill the clouds up or my extra skin? And that ain't the only one lol. - - - Updated - - - something one of my friends made
  10. what colors and design would you suggest as a filler for the RB?
  11. ok sure! ill post it here...first let me say this! I know most of the world dislikes insane clown posse lol I promise you, I am not like the stereotype of the fans! so when I post my photo lets not make this a discussion about music ^_^ just simply need help on what would look good! the new tattoo is a cover up of the care bears the was already under the riddle box tattoo...and its so bright and colorful that it makes my 7 year old tattoo look ultra faded! so I will be getting it re colored, and it needs a filler so it stops looking so weird! and its kind of hard to relate care bears to an IC
  12. I just got a care bear half sleeve, and above it is album art from the riddle box cd. I need advice on the filler for around my older tattoo that is above my new tattoo :) Ill be posting it soon in the advice section :) having issues figuring out how to upload my profile photo! - - - Updated - - - ok well I figured that out! now If I can find the "post new thread" button on the advice forum ^_^ - - - Updated - - - why can't I post in the advice forum?
  13. Looking for some tattoo advice! I started a half sleeve a little over 2 weeks ago, and I am going to post a picture asking advice on advice on a tattoo I need re done, and a filler added :D hope to get a lot of good ideas and replys! nice to meet you all!
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