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  1. 6 hours? damn - - - Updated - - - 6 hours? damn
  2. i was bored at work and found this gem on youtube. freddy corbin doing some work on odb. i couldn't find a thread for videos, so i will leave this here. it is rad!
  3. got the star a few days ago. it is still the beginning and there is plenty of room on that leg but i like the i am posting this :p
  4. love this idea of dragon eyes. never seen it before.
  5. that should ring a bell. if not, check it out, it's great! Marcus Kuhn's - The Gypsy Gentlemen - Home
  6. there is some pretty awesome takeover about him on going on right now!
  7. no order: viet cong - s/t kurt vile - b'lieve me i'm going father john misty - i love you, honeybear beach house - depression cherry built to spill - untethered moon modest mouse - strangers to ourselves tame impala - currents turnover - periphal vision
  8. started this end of '13 with rich hardy in krakow,poland. then i travelled to london, paris and london again to finish it few weeks ago. so relieved that i finally don't have to get through that pain again. although the shading during the last 3 sessions was so easy in comparison to the lines. anyways i can only repeat that rich is the nicest guy. everyone should get tattooed by him if he is around. merry christmas everyone!
  9. great, read about it before...can't wait to see it.
  10. loved watching this while twist of cain was on shuffle. thanks for sharing! what's underneath the snake at 2:50?
  11. got this dietzel-birdie last week from the nice dude johann. healed - not settled.
  12. just checked his instagram out. is that?
  13. i know - but since this boards roots are in the us, the inflationary use of superlatives should be cool ;)
  14. got one too when he is in hamburg :o - - - Updated - - - sorry for getting back at this again, but this is the raddest tattoo on this board i have seen. the combination of motive, placement, size and artist...cant't get better!
  15. that is great. thanks for sharing, can't wait to watch some of that footage!:D
  16. got this from alex knierer: