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  1. Traveled from NY to SF this past weekend to skull and sword. Hungout with some of my favorite artists and what happened next is pure magic that only a stellar human by the name of Yutaro can provide. This is my Baku!
  2. Doesn't look like a blowout. If you follow the top of the fish all around I think it's a shade to separate the fish from the background. And if it is a blowout then it'll prob get shaded over anyways. As far as pain goes it's gonna hurt like hell regardless cause of the spot lol
  3. did the tattoo look like this immediately after the session? is he planning on background?
  4. Thanks y'all! It was the most positive experience I've had getting tattooed. Yutaro is a real gentleman and very funny, when you know a good soul you just feel comfortable. Also had the joy of meeting Stewart and Valerie who came by a bunch to check the progress, both I can say the same about as Yutaro, just really good souls. A real positive start on a collection of skull and sword pieces :)
  5. So this past Sunday at the Scottish tattoo convention I got tattooed by Yutaro Sakai, he's the nicest:
  6. Thanks for the love guys, seth really killed it and I knew he would from the get go. Hard to tell in the pics but there's so many details I keep finding and crazy color choices throughout that look so fantastic, really stoked! On a side note I can't wait to show ya'll what yutaro does in a couple weeks at the Scottish convention
  7. Giving this a shot. This is my alligator tattoo done by Seth Wood who works at temple tattoo in Oakland California. We finished at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn this Monday the third of march
  8. Finally finished up with Seth wood the other night. Here she is, the gator!
  9. Nathan Kostechko tomorrow (hand and arm), Seth wood in a week after (alligator continued), Yutaro sakai late march in scotland (dragon through the traps)
  10. Cool man! I understand completely where you're coming from. I wanted to share with everybody something mike recently did to make people more aware because I feel south shore should be known, but he did this sweet namakubi hand today that I'm pretty blown away by
  11. my homie Mike Nomikos does really great japanese tattoos if you're in the amityville area also! south shore tattoo is his place
  12. Only thing i would change is that id be on grimes list sooner and would have a full body suit by him at this point
  13. Both hurt equally, theres a mental aspect with that. Rotaries and coils both vary in quality and design. rotaries typically are quieter than coils. And like any tool , its the person using it that makes the difference in how the product comes out. for some artists, they swear by it and some don't. Some artists like to mix coil and rotary into their tattoos for lining and shading or vice versa
  14. I don't think it's bad. i think the "hate" is that it's the typical tattoo for anybody that's just looking to get something and have it be acceptable to everyone that looks at it. Not saying that was your thought process in getting it (a "safe" tattoo) but if that's the case then this site is here to bring such great possibilities and artists to you. Most people here will agree that "saint michael" is an overplayed design and is done too often by amateur artists/down right bad artists
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