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  1. i dont know the history but here's a Carol Nightingale acetate of it
  2. yeah he sold flash like that thru Picture Machine and from his own company Mr. Flash . the Picture Machine ones come up often on ebay
  3. another clip from The World of Tattooing - Henk Schiffmacher / Horiyoshi III (warning contains nudity)
  4. I use mod podge it comes in gross or matte finish
  5. I also got this about a week ago.great cd only thing disappointing is you wish there was more
  6. the mammoth book of tattoos by Lal Hardy lost art from tattooings past by Jason Schroder classic flash in 5 bold colors by Tilt Revisited a tribute to flash from the past by Bert Krak & Steve Bolts
  7. here is mine not the best picture.I had seen something similar but they had a star in the center.I don't care much for stars so I put a cross. Its about 10 years old.
  8. no its not by me I just happened to find the videos which led me to the article.From what i understand people didn't think much him as a tattooer.Ive read stories of the neighborhood kids in Philadelphia would dare each other to get tattooed by him because he was scary as hell,not just the way he looked but attitude as was well." You what a panther?Here's a panther."and you got what he gave you.It was strange to find out in his personal life he was more refined and into Opera.
  9. Freaks and Inks: Self-Identifying Jack Dracula An Oral History Document by Daniel Schwartz for History 206 at the University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2010 youtube playlist playlist 15 videos 39 min. 1.Introducing Jack Dracula 2.Jack's First Tattoo 3.Jack in the Navy 4.Jack Baker on his Facial Tattoos 5.Jack's Encounter with a Police Officer 6.Jack's Last Tattoo Shop in Philadelphia 7.Jack Joins the Circus 8.Jack on Jean Carol the Bearded and Tattooed Lady 9.Jack on Encountering Racism in the Freak Show 10.Jack on Jackie Morris 11.Jack's First Visit to New London and No Dates 12.Jack Returns to New London 13.Jack on The Passing of Coworkers and Friends 14.Jack Dracula on Diane Arbus 15.The Marked Man
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCAJUgOzpNU
  11. these where previews from a video on Bay Area tattooers I don't remember the title of it.I ripped these from a site promoting it. ed hardy grime
  12. Here's a great book I picked up recently Done With Electricity bookmistress
  13. I never had to come out of the closet about it.Both my parents have tattoos and I grew up around biker/hippie types.When I was about 12 we started doing handpoked stuff.Everyone I knew ended up with a suicidal tendencies tattoo or anarchy sign.At 17 they changed the law in IL to 21,I ended up waiting till I was 23 to start getting tattooed professionally.
  14. the sky cleared up around noon.there talkin 25 below overnight and possibly another 6 inches.This winter was very clam, somewhat of a surprise getting hit with this. I spent most of the day watching people try to dig there cars out.one guy ran his 4 banger into a 3 foot drift had to get out dukes of hazard style,then fell on his head.Now Im just waiting to find out if i got work tomorrow
  15. What I woke up to this morning......18 inches of snow. At least I got the day off.