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  1. Hey man I would love to see more photos of that Kahlil Backpiece you have. I aw it on ig and it took my breath away. I have been getting tattooed by Kahlil for two years now.

  2. what you described is most certainly not using "meds as medicine." there is absolutely no medical justification for taking large amounts of opiates before getting tattooed, unless you're dealing with chronic pain thats unrelated as SeeSea described.
  3. +1 on love handles. holy fucking shit that hurt. started my back piece with kahlil rintye yesterday. about five hours of line work on a rad Nue he drew up for me. pretty much every part of the back sucks but it was very tolerable. when he got to my love handles, all i could do was hold my breath and clench every muscle in my body until he was done with that particle line. ass cheeks weren't too bad, but it did feel like there was shot of electricity going straight into my cornhole at times.
  4. the recent tattoo trend of non latinos getting massive amounts of chicano style tattoos is….odd. Its different from japanese art, in that chicano art history has a strong street gang background. So when suburban white guys/gals get huge chicano murals that you would have only seen hardcore NF or EME guys wearing…..well, its just weird. my opinion only, so go get whatever tattoo you like! in the end, you're the one wearing it.
  5. @Sparky Polastri, this piece would be so much cooler if it had LOTS OF WINDBARS….amirite???
  6. chest/stomach from kahlil rintye coming up later this year, along with scott sylvia back piece. woot
  7. hiroshi hirawaka (mitomo horihiro), three tides/osaka
  8. scott sylvia is constantly staring at my dick while he tattoos me. should i say something?
  9. Jen Lee, Tattoo City bad month to enter because of that ridiculous vargas back piece….fuck it
  10. i second this, got tattooed by hiroshi at 3 tides osaka last year. he's so meticulous and deliberate, it shows in his work. super nice guy and i was shocked to find out he relatively new at tattooing.
  11. never had adverse consequences from working out after getting tattooed (even day of)....and i'm talking leg day followed by cardio (read: lots of sweating)
  12. seth wood will be starting at temple (oakland) beginning of october...his work is pretty badass and worth considering along with all the other artists named in this thread (many of whom i've been fortunate enough to get tattooed by!). my friends are still jealous i managed to get a couple pieces from chris conn before he disappeared, then reappeared with a $300/hour-three hour minimum rate down in LA...
  13. thanks kyle. i'm in bali now and after seeing the shops, i definitely will not be getting tattooed here anytime soon!
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