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  1. I'd like to forget that I read the Crossed series.
  2. Tattoos have drastically changed my life. For starters, I'm a tall awkward looking skinny kid. Like, 6 foot tall, 130 pounds, skinny. I have always been tall and skinny, and have always been teased about being tall and skinny. I'm 20, and now have a full chest piece, six big pieces on my legs, and a full asian sleeve on my right arm. Now, people don't notice the tall skinny guy at the pool/beach. Now they see the tall guy with a ton of tattoos. People come up and ask questions all the time, and when they mention me being skinny, they comment how much I kick ass for having so much work on bony places hah. Having the work I have makes me feel a lot better about wearing shorts, having short sleeved shirts, going swimming, anything that exposes my bony limbs. Reason number two how its changed my life, my love for tattooing and frequency of getting tattooed, led me to my job at High Tide, and my eventual apprenticeship. No more making coffee and bagels for this tall skinny guy!
  3. Howdy howdy everyone. Long time lurker of these forums, made an account, lurked some more, finally getting around to posting a hello to you all! My name is Devon Kasler, I'm an apprentice in Juneau Alaska, under @davelang. I've been working here in the shop for over a year, been apprenticing officially for about 8 months, and have just begun my tattooing journey (five tattoos in)! Been getting tattooed since the day after my 18th birthday, including a couple of sibling kitchen wizard pieces I had done at 14 and 16 years old, which have thankfully since been covered haha. Always super excited and thankful to have all this in my life, and to have Dave as my teacher; showing me incredible art, exposing me to some of the most amazing tattooers past and present, and teaching me thoroughly the old fashioned way. Mixing pigment, making needles, painting, assembling machines, every thing to keep the heart of the trade alive. Looking forward to lurking some more, and being apart of many conversations where I can. Thanks guys.