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  1. Yesterday 15-05-2013 I got my right fore-arm inked, with the classic Death Before Dishonor. By Robert Aalbers' @ Clean Solid Tattoo, Waalwijk, The Netherlands.
  2. @ Clean Solid Tattoo Waalwijk, The Netherlands By Robert Aalbers
  3. instagram.com/cleansolid
  4. .. and Robert finished the Colors, in a 2 hours sitting.
  5. Here all the black is done in one go...
  6. At first I got my birds and star. Later added the flowers, and maybe more to come..
  7. My Heart for my son.
  8. 2nd sitting for the colors on my Maria. Just finished in this picture.
  9. Maria Tattoo, first sitting, by Robert Aalbers, Clean Solid Tattoo Waalwijk. All line's and black done in one sitting.
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