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    Much appreciated, thank you!
  2. Wow thanks for sharing - that's very impressive!
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    Hello hello

    I'm afraid you've misread; I'm from North-East England, not New England ;)
  4. Sorry I haven't read the whole thread but I just wanted to say that I experienced a great deal of swelling following my laser session. The tattoo is on my torso and for weeks I'd be going down the stairs and having this fluid filled mass jiggling even when I'd stopped moving! I'll definitely be applying ice after my next session. As far as blistering goes, I experienced quite a lot of blistering, though my tattoo artist was honest about the fact that he turns the laser up HIGH, as he figures people would rather put up with the extra discomfort for quicker results.
  5. Thank you for sharing this, Scott. I was specifically searching for examples of black tattoos that had been lightened for cover-up and was directed to your thread. It's very inspiring and gives me a great deal of hope (I've had one session done on a large black tattoo on my torso). I'll be sure to start a thread sharing my experiences as I go through the process, and I hope it reassures others as much as this has reassured me. Kind regards, Craig
  6. Sparko

    Hello hello

    Hi all, Craig here, from North-East England. I came across this site when searching for examples of tattoos that had been lightened via laser for cover-up work. I have a large tattoo on my torso that I'm looking to get covered up, having already had one laser session done. I intend on documenting my progress here which I hope will keep me motivated (the first laser session was a very bad one, as I'll later explain) as well as inspiring others. I look forward to sharing my journey :) Craig
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