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    Georgie Clarke. Started getting tattoos and piercings later than most. Haven't looked back since. A few planned this year including pieces by Oliver MacIntosh and Phil Kyle.
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    Lincs, UK
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    Is socialising a hobby?
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  1. Can't wait till I can post my pics so I can enter. All for a bit of fun. Mine are quirky. Loving the posts so far.
  2. I can't add pictures yet :( I have a fun snowglobe I would enter for fun.
  3. I think some bright new flowers/butterflies, with careful shading, would look lovely over the old tattoo. :)
  4. My first "real" tattoo was a cover. I did a lot of research and found an artist, luckily not far from me, who does an awful lot of cover work. My cover was drawn on by hand as that was the best way to disguise the original design. There were consultations about what styles I liked and possible designs, but I was very open minded as it was more of a case what would work best. Most tattoos these days can be improved or covered. One part of my old tattoo was re-worked and the rest covered. I know I am not really answering any of your questions but the main thing is that you have confidence in the artist you choose. The ones who have said it would be easy to cover, did you like their ideas? Is it a dark band?
  5. I have a number of skulls but am unable to post on here as I am a newbie. Love all things skully! Mine are very quirky.
  6. Hate having to have showers instead of my wind-down evening baths. I am almost past the itchy stage. Woot!
  7. Latest ones were just over a week ago. Me as Lego and a skull ice cream sundae. :) Next one on the 18th of April, but more traditional this time.
  8. Feet weren't bad, towards the back of the knee was tasty, for me it has to be the ribs for the worst spot so far.
  9. It was funny to read your last paragraph as I am 36 and only started getting tattooed a couple of years ago for the same reason - worrying about other people opinions, especially a dad who does not like tattoos! :)
  10. To balance out the lily and butterfly cover design. The squiggle is my friends signature which was a personal joke/dare.
  11. My favourite quote from the film.
  12. Georgie1976

    Sons Name

    Sons Name
  13. Thank you very much. Have a few more to add later. Yes, I'm a bit of a Labyrinth geek! :rolleyes:
  14. Georgie1976

    After Cover

    After the cover. Happy Bunny.
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