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  1. Yes, I think cover-up options are wise, because then you can go by how you feel on the day. Having said that though, I have seen your lovely backpiece SeaSea, and I honestly think that if anything, if it is on show you are likely to get lots of people asking if they can take a closer look rather than finding it offensive in any way. I found that the most unexpected people said positive things to me about mine - I had been expecting at least a few frosty stares, but they didn't seem to be in evidence (or perhaps I didn't notice them after a few glasses of prosecco)
  2. Hello! Just chipping in to say that I don't think having lots of visible tattoos necessarily makes you unapproachable. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, and wore a red halterneck dress. After the ceremony and dinner, I felt comfortable enough to take my cardigan off, thus displaying tattoos over both arms, and the top half of my backpiece. I found that whilst obviously I drew a few double-takes, people felt if anything more able to approach and even touch me - one male guest even attempting a peek down the back of my dress (without my prior consent, I might add!). I have very short buzzed hair, and am also pretty tall at 5 foot 10 - so you'd think I'd cut a rather imposing figure, but my husband tells me I have a nice open face, and I am very smiley and talkative so I think that overrides any potentially negative impression given by my tattoos. Perhaps if I'm having a bad day people might give me a wider berth.
  3. Some of those MC Hammer trousers that all the young things seem to be wearing - I think they're called harem pants. Are those the fitted-at-ankle ones referred to here? I was deeply sceptical at first but I think I might like them now, and they'd be ideal for healing a leg piece in summer - cool and loose.
  4. I usually leave it three days after a tattoo before doing any exercise. For the start of my backpiece, I left it a week, mainly because I didn't want any chafing from my sports bra. I usually exercise 6 days out of 7 (combination of running, weights and yoga) and I've never suffered from having a little break. Maybe it depends how big your new tattoo is - all my sittings have been long ones (5 - 8 hours) so I figure it's best to let my body recover in peace without adding extra stressors, much as I do when I'm ill.
  5. In the end I developed a sort of vigorous shrugging action, which takes the edge off, but I am longingly thinking of low pile carpet now.
  6. aargh! itchy healing back piece! I've discovered it's really quite hard to slap yourself in the middle of your shoulder blades.
  7. @misterJ Thank you! Well, it was quite a long sitting - I just managed 7 hours. Shop was open another hour and Richard had noticed he'd missed one of the crane's talons - you can see two little lines sticking out of the back of its front leg - and wanted to go back to it, but I had utterly had enough by then. He was just relentless.
  8. Thanks Cork! I know, tell me about it. I felt every single one.
  9. Here's the results of my first sitting for my crane and peonies back piece with Richard Pinch in Aberdeen. I'm delighted with it. It's a bit peely still (sitting was last Thursday) but seems to be healing nicely. As you can see, he made a start on the shading, and there's colour to add too, and it's going to be extended downwards over my bum in time. - - - Updated - - - Ack, that's tiny! Oh well, you get the idea. And hello, everyone, by the way!
  10. that is great advice about the 10-count before reloading, misterJ - thank you. I will remember it for next time. You're right, it all hurt. In the past I've found the first ten minutes or so really suck, and then it gets easier, but that never happened this time. And I was a mess by the end too! I can't remember much of the journey home, but my husband was pretty appalled by the state of me when I got there. Hospitelli - that's exactly how I feel when I think of how bright and breezy I was before we got started. I just didn't have a clue.
  11. Thanks Cork! I've had a long look at the full back piece thread - some awesome work on there. Will definitely put a picture up when I'm not so pink and puffy. In the meantime, I've been spending an unfeasible amount of time standing between two mirrors in the bathroom, staring at my brand new back.
  12. YES! More the nausea than the muscle aches for me. I've just posted in the back piece thread to the same effect, but basically I started my back piece yesterday, it was a long sitting, and I think I'm just a bit fucked, but I felt low-level nausea pretty much from three hours in till this morning. It's not too bad though, I could still eat. Might be linked to the pain levels and the amount of skin coverage too, as I've had sittings that long for tattoos on my arms and I've been pretty much OK after those. I can feel my glands are up as well. Just going to take it easy for a couple of days.
  13. I have just started my back piece (with Richard Pinch in Aberdeen, Scotland) and I really wish I'd read this thread before I went! I booked an all day sitting, against the advice of Richard's receptionist, because I've done all-day sittings before on my arms and I thought it would be fine. It was not fine. 3 hours in, when Richard was lining over my ribs, the room started to spin, I broke out in a sweat like someone had turned on a tap, and I thought it was goodnight vienna. Head between knees, breathe, breathe, bit of chocolate, drink of water, breathe, breathe. We started again after 10 minutes but I never felt quite right after that. Still feel a bit sick this morning. Just made it to 7 hours, though, and I can't believe what he managed to get done in that time - he just does not stop. Before we started, he said I could take as many breaks as I wanted, and I said breezily, "oh, I'll just take a break when you do". How he laughed! I've no pictures yet but I'm ecstatic with how it's looking so far - is a crane, wings outstretched, flanked by two big leafy peonies. I'm going to get it extended downwards over my bum but it will be three hour max sessions for me from now on. I'm still not sure quite what happened with the near-faint episode: I've never got close to that before. Combination of the pain, and low blood sugar, and probably holding my breath I think. There weren't any easy bits either - it just felt like being drilled! Up there with childbirth in my own personal pain index, no question All that said I feel totally elated today.
  14. I think you're being a bit precious. I talk about my doctor, my dentist, my physiotherapist, my gym... I don't feel like I own any of them either. Sorry cltattoing - I totally stole your point without realising!
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