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  1. shit.. sorry, i keep forgetting to check back on this thread. i forgot the name of the forum, and just spent the last 10 minutes on google, looking for "last swallow forum", and came across a lot of gay discussion threads. i was like, why the eff would scott call his forum something that sounds so much like a gay bar? then i remembered it was "sparrow" and not swallow. anyway, i'm bookmarking it. so yeah.. new shop, right outside of portland. mostly walk-ins, lots of flash, lots of neon lighting/signs, etc. it's like a bug light for people. they just wander in all day, which is kinda rad. i'm tattooing a bit more now, mostly when i travel. (and for some reason, a shit ton of roses) no new pics, but there's some stuff on my website. here thanks for the warm welcome!
  2. Hey Seth! Thanks for all the machines over the years! I've got three of your machines and one was a kit, first machine I built with my mentor. I still use it every day. Thanks for everything.

  3. yes, i just opened "mr tattoo", in milwaukie, oregon.
  4. hey dudes. whats up Scott? (hey, im back from overseas. gimme a shout) Mario- you are the greatest. xoxo <3 - seth