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  1. Got the lining done on tuesday with Uffe Berenth. Looking foward for the handpoking on friday evening ! :) (Poor photo i know but i can't really get a picture of something all around my calf in one shot haha :p )
  2. Welp.. I just lose my job as of today due to a lack of upcoming project. If I dont find another quick i'll have to cancel my appointment :( (If anyone has info about a job in engineering firm in montreal for a mechanical technician pm me hahahha)
  3. I have an appointment for the Montreal convention in September with Uffe Berenth on the lower leg with a Huginn and Muninn design. Had my place reserved since January, been jumping all around the place ever since!
  4. Couldn't go for the past 2 years. But I keep a good memorie of meeting with you guys (and god the poutine was good) ! I have a project with Uffe Berenth on the lower leg :) getting the lining on tuesday and the handpoking on friday! I just can't wait!
  5. Had the same thing happens this summer from my mom and my gf ( at the same time), working outside all days I made sure to have something on my arm all the time ( i used a long sock with the end cut) just put a bit of lotion on and suddenly they had no words. *Thanks for the good words :)
  6. Went to the hospital on monday for my weekly blood test (under cancer treatment, so i'm followed by my doctors very often) and the nurse, who was maybe in her late 50s, just went on about how she loves "it", being my full sleeve. Grabbing my arm, twisting it in all directions, trying to lift the sleeve of my shirt all the way up or my collar down to see where it goes. I was just sitting there playing the rag doll. Understand me, SHE's the one with the needle. Pretty shitty monday nontheless.
  7. Damn i'm glad nobody decided of a tattoo for me when I was going to the bathroom :P
  8. It was really nice seeing you all! Good meal with awesome people ! I'm still sorry for leaving early, had to go take my stuff where I stayed the night before and go see some of my cousins, can't see them often so... yeah :/ Sorry about your hearing Mark :( I couldn't really hear everything everyone said either to be honest, it was kind of crowdy and the noise level wasn't the best for me who can have a hard time with english XD I'll definitly be there again next year! (Oh yes, totally gonna get my right butt cheek tattooed with a hungry hamster. I bet that sounds crazy. Does it sounds craz
  9. I'm in. Lone wolf for the event unfortunately :P
  10. Is there a group meeting at the convention or will we see each others only at the restaurant in the evening? P.S.: How would I know which table is it? Probably a dumb question... lol :P Forget it
  11. Having a last minute project, trying to find an artist I like for it. *White Rabbit running screaming I'M LATE! I'M LATE!!!* Hopefully I'll get a positive answer. Olivier Glamort having a cancellation on saturday is by best chance I guess. Send a e-mail to Dimitri Hk. Erf... I'll see what I can do when I'll get there. Otherwise I'll do it next year, being prepared sooner. Edit: Oh well god damnit, I was able to pay 200$ for this. (Really not a big tattoo but I understand that they have to make a bit of money too) But Dimitri only accept project of at least 400$. I have my sleeve in the proc
  12. I'll be there on Saturday :) Edit: I'm so in for the poutine >< Edit2: I'll be on my way from Quebec to Mtl on Friday PM, if anyone needs a ride.
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