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  1. My latest, Stephen Kelly from Forevermore in Glasgow. https://instagram.com/p/5-LPXDKydB/?taken-by=fmtglasgow Over the moon with this one, really batted it out of the park.
  2. Nearly a year ago I moved away from the City to start a new job in quite a small Town in a fairly rural area, there are a few shops around here but most are pretty poor quality and most of the work you see is black and grey "Footballer Sleeves", Tribal and really tacky "girly" tattoo's with little to no Colourful Traditional or Japanese work on show. Anyway since starting my new job and until last month I've managed to keep my arms covered up by wearing long sleeves, not that I am hiding anything but it's generally how I dress when I work. I also like to keep my private life to myself at wor
  3. Really have no idea how long the wait is going to be, just starting a new job working Monday to Friday and he doesn't work weekends so once I've passed my probation which will be a few months I'll be able to look into booking some time with him but even at that he's usually fully booked up and it's a bit of distance to get to to just walk in. I think I'll probably wait it out, as I've never had to deal with this kind of situation before was unsure of the etiquette.
  4. Was wondering what most people's opinion is on going to a different artist to touch up a tattoo another one has done? The situation is that I won't be able to get any time with the guy who did it for quite a while. I've already got a few of said tattooer and never had any issues but would prefer to get it sorted sooner than later as it really hasn't healed that well. Am I right in feeling weird about it?
  5. I'm actually envious of bigger people who get tattooed whether "fat" or "built", trying being a skinny short arse and getting tattooed, not enough real estate for Tattoo's! In all seriousness fuck what people think, enjoy getting tattooed and proudly showing them no matter what body shape you are. Tattoo's are not just an accessory for Gym Bro's showing their guns.
  6. "Tattoo's were like a Rembrant for the Poor" Loved that quote, really enjoyed that video.
  7. Done today by Paul Slifer at Red, Hot and Blue Tattoo in Edinburgh,
  8. I'd mirror what a few others have said and get yourself to Red, Hot and Blue. Paul Slifer is a great artist and also a really sound guy as well, usually does most of his stuff freehand but always with great results. Haven't been tattooed by Alec by really like some of the work he's been doing recently. The Edinburgh Convention is also coming up in March which would be worth checking out if your based in Edinburgh.
  9. That's how you do a fucking portrait! Bold outlines and shading, yet still captures the essence and life of the character it depicts. Really inspiring some looking at some of these younger Tattooers work.
  10. I just noticed a new one opening up in Oswald Street, but yeah only a handful worth going to. Tried to convince a few of my mates to save their cash and invest in a quality Tattoo but they never seem to listen. Yeah went well was over the moon with the Tattoo Steven done, going back for a Lady Head at the beginning of next month although I'll need eventually get something Japanese from him. The dragon sleeve he did on you is a belter.
  11. I'm fairly new to having tattoo's but having been getting this a lot recently, I'm also from Glasgow and as you know nobody does drunk arseholes like Glasgow and just the other week I had some drunk at a bus stop grabbing my arms asking where and why I got my Tattoo's - what made things worse is he was grabbing at one that was still healing. Saying that a similar thing happened with a smoking hot girl at a Nightclub a few weeks ago and for some reason I didn't mind as much!
  12. Loving the Star Wars tattoo's, saying that can't see a bad Tattoo at all in that photo. Edit: Was aimed at youthcrewalex.
  13. You think he'd travel to the UK?, after all he does say "Your house or mines".
  14. Not a fan of that style but that is really impressive for only a year.
  15. I enjoyed that but the guy interviewing him was a moron, if you're going to interview one of the most influential Tattooer's of the modern age surely you'd do a bit of research beforehand?
  16. I suppose you'll have people trying to tie Artists to the clock. "How come it only took you two hours to do this piece" etc.
  17. Yeah I tend to avoid taking homophobic Tattoo connoisseurs opinions seriously!
  18. Neither have I but this guy seemed to believe so, he then proceeded to tell me he was eventually going to get a sleeve when I asked him what he was going to get he answered "Clouds and stars and shit".
  19. "Why have you got roses tattooed on you, isn't that a bit gay?" One of my most recent favourites.
  20. Got a hangover from hell so just sat and watched every episode back to back there, best thing I've seen since the Vice Tattoo Age shows and Max seems like a really cool guy which is always good to see especially from a top artist. The Japan episode is going to be quality.
  21. Getting a Cobra from Steven Wrigley on the 12th July at Irezumi in Glasgow and a Eagle/Snake combo from Paul Slifer at Red, Hot and Blue in Edinburgh on the 20th August. Can't wait!
  22. Forevermore Glasgow by David Pozo.
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