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  1. That's a bit extreme. I was just a young confused guy trying to get laid more. I'm confused too because you seem to be agreeing with me. "Nice guy" shit does not work unless you're extremely good looking. The reason being if you're extremely good looking, anything at all will work. I'm not saying be a douche either. Just be forward and unapologetic. And it's not always your fault man. It's not always that you're too ugly or not confident enough. Maybe the girl is a bitch or is having a bad day that day. I wouldn't sweat it. I say the same line almost everytime I approach a woman. "Hi my name is ___________. I thought you were attractive and wanted to come talk to you". Usually while shaking/holding their hand or if I'm on the side I'll put my hand on their back/arm and get their attention. Simple, straightforward, and to the point. If they tell me get lost I move on immediately with no time wasted. How that can be construed as creepy or rapist (this baffles me. that's actually almost offensive for real victims of rape) I really don't understand. But hey if that's what it means to be a creep then I'll gladly wear that label. For the people that hate me or are insulting me, get in line I guess. Maybe you shouldn't be so uptight because a person thinks or acts differently than you. I'm pretty sure you don't give a fuck if people don't approve of your tattoos so I'm not sure why you would insult others because they don't have a problem touching someone else during human interaction. You guys swear like I said people should walk around touching other peoples private areas and squeezing ass and tits.
  2. Don't believe in PUA nonsense anymore. I may be a "creep" if walking up to women and introducing yourself while lightly touching them is creepy but I don't believe anything from the "pick up" or "seduction community" is legitimate. Unless their advice is "be as good looking as you can and talk to a lot of women until you strike gold" then I don't buy it. If you did that much google-fu maybe you should check my last log-in and last message posted on that forum. I'd bet it's more than 12 months ago. Nice attempt at character assassination though. All I see is you guys ranting and raving, insulting me with ad hominem attacks, and calling me a troll instead of actually addressing the thing I said or responding to me with substance. Not really even sure what you guys are trying to say. You actually aren't saying much of anything. All you're doing is saying I'm a troll, calling me a rapist, and telling people I posted on a "pick-up" forum 1 year ago. None of which has anything to do with the things I said prior.
  3. Haven't posted much of anything since January had my mind on other things and been too broke to indulge in my tattoo fetish. What's your point? Not sure what you're being angry, insulting, and disrespectful for. I insulted no one. I threatened no one. I didn't name call or lash out at anyone in this topic and you're acting like a royal prick toward me. If you can't handle the fact that someone thinks or lives differently than you maybe you shouldn't be on the internet. And yes, me walking up to a girl in a bar and gently touching her arm or back as I say "Hello my name is __________" is the equivalent of rape. Yes rape. Every time I do that I'm raping someone. I mean holy fuck do you even hear yourself? Isn't that insulting to the victims of people who are actually sexually assaulted every day?
  4. Works well so far for me here in California. Not every girl likes it. That's the point. If a girl tells me to get lost then I've just saved myself a lot of time. Most emotionally healthy women won't think I'm a sex offender or call the cops for gently putting my hand on their back while I say hello or for confidently shaking their hand and maybe holding onto it longer than usual when I walk up and introduce myself. Normal people are usually flattered if you walk up and express interest in them, even if they don't reciprocate. Like I said there's a difference between walking up and gently touching someone's back or shoulder from the side, or holding onto their hand as you introduce yourself, and squeezing one of their extremities or grabbing their ass or breasts. I'm not sure where this school of thought that all touching is evil is coming from. That's what I feel was implied at least. Typically when people lash out at strangers for otherwise harmless actions like a light touch on the back or shoulder, or holding someone's hand as they introduce themselves, it speaks more about their own mental/emotional state. Hell some people get angry if you just walk up and say hello to them. I gave the example of the drunk guy in the bar who poked my chest and commented on my physique and his two female friends that followed. I could have been a dick to them and used my mouth to humiliate them but why bother? I'm a fairly well grounded person. Only someone with issues would lash out needlessly. If the touching was inappropriate or went too far of course I would be within grounds to lash out. But putting the situation in context, it was just a few drunk people being complementary/curious and lighthearted. No need to be a dick in such a situation. I was never in harm and while at first I was slightly confused and uncomfortable, I knew the guy and his female friends didn't have negative intentions. No biggie. No need for me to lash out at him then come on the internet and rant about how somebody had the audacity to touch me. Really just not a big deal in that case. As far as approaching women, being more aggressive actually works far better than being a passive "nice guy" does. Figure that. Did a 180 about a year ago and am very satisfied with the difference. But I digress I'm already ranting pretty long about this and this forum isn't for us to discuss dating ritual in America. Judge all you want just gave my 2 cents. The opinions of internet strangers surely aren't going to change how I act so feel free to speak your minds. Natural things like the touch that occurs in human interaction are supposedly politically incorrect. Okay. Won't even go near there again. Also won't argue or post further here as I don't want to hijack the thread with arguments. I like to come here to talk about tattoos.
  5. Well let's not be absurd. There's different degrees of touching and different ways to approach someone. Saying all touching is inappropriate is just silly. There's a difference between someone coming up to you and gently putting their hand on your shoulder or tapping you and saying hello, and someone grabbing one of your extremities with a closed grip. I look at intention and circumstance. I've had people approach me respectfully and disrespectfully (while touching me). Saying a blanket statement that all humans who touch other humans are creepy or inappropriate sounds juvenile and unrealistic. Don't believe in "pick up" either so I'm not sure why that's a jab at me. If I'm in a bar and see a woman that's attractive I will walk up, say hi, tap her on the shoulder/back, or grab her hand while introducing myself. If that's creepy or inappropriate guess I'm a creep. Usually I will be somewhat physical from the start because it tells me right away if the girl is into me or not. Girls that are sexually available and emotionally healthy will let a guy touch them that they are attracted to. Not saying I walk up and grab their ass or tits like some of you suggest, or that I walk up and squeeze someone's arm, or that that is in any way acceptable. I'm just saying touching in and of itself is not some cardinal sin. If the world has become so fucking pussified and politically correct that the mere thought of a stranger going up to another stranger in a polite way and touching them in a respectful manner is "unacceptable" then I guess I'm the biggest creep there is. Yeah maybe my original statement that it only happens to women is an exaggeration. I've had men and women touch me in inappropriate ways as a man because of both my tattoos and my muscles. A month ago some random drunk guy in a bar walks up to, pokes me chest, and yells "THIS GUY WORKS OUT" and I was in shock. Then the 2 women he was with start following suit. If he was alone I probably would have told him off or publicly humiliated him with some wisecrack but when the women started touching my arm and chest I softened up and accepted the attention. I'm egotistical and vain like that I guess. But I can understand the discomfort when a stranger touches you, even if they are attractive. I've had attractive girls be into my tattoos and want to touch my arms but I simply wasn't in the mood for any of it. Guess I just don't see it as as big a deal when I know someone's intent is coming from a place of admiration or curiosity. Since working out religiously I get a lot of attention on my body. Ironically it's mainly from other males. I don't become a douchebag because random guys are commenting on my body or touching my arms because it's coming from a certain context. It's not like a sex offender is coming up and grabbing my ass. I'm not going to explode on a random stranger who means well and is not really fucking with me that bad in the first place. If I really feel uncomfortable I'll just verbally say "Please don't touch me I don't know you" or whatever it is I need to say to give them the hint that I'm not in the mood. I just feel like people are blowing up and exaggerating the implication of what are in reality pretty much harmless interactions. And of course suggesting what I suggested about the dynamics of attraction and how most people are happy to get attention from attractive members of the opposite sex I must be some sort of scumbag. I still stand by what I said though I'm just trying to expound more on where I'm coming from. I do understand some peoples discomfort, and there is a line to be crossed, but let's not get crazy here.
  6. That only happens to women. And that would happen whether you were tattooed or not as long as you're (semi)attractive. Men are the sex that have to do the approaching. We have to seek out female sex and companionship. A man will find any excuse to talk to and touch a woman he finds attractive. It just so happens that your tattoos are an excuse for him to touch you and speak to you. It really has little to do with your personally or him being a "creep". If he was Brad Pitt or whatever male stereotype/archetype you find extremely attractive he would cease being a "creep" and you would probably find it charming or flattering. I wouldn't get too worked up about a stranger of the opposite sex trying to speak to you or talk to you unless they are being extremely inappropriate. They probably just think you're attractive and want a reason to try and flirt with you. If you don't like it just tell them.
  7. It's because you're a woman and men will find any excuse to talk to or flirt with a (semi) attractive woman. Not rocket science.
  8. Why are people feeding the troll? Clearly the guy who made this thread is a complete joke and he only made this thread so he could get people riled up. Let this thread die and send this troll back under his bridge.
  9. Oh wow there's actually someone here that gets work from Jun Cha? His black/gray work is amazing. Didn't know he was so pricy though. Yikes! I might go out on a limb and say he's worth the money though. His work is just jaw droppingly stunning.
  10. I've not heard many people say that. That makes me a feel a bit better. I've only had 1 person comment that they like tattoos on very dark skin more. My friend was saying he liked how subtle my tattoos looked and how you couldn't see the details until you were up close. It's definitely a slightly more subtle look than the colorful ink but I do like it. I think the uniform black/gray coverage looks extra classy too. The grass always is greener though right?
  11. We've all made the slightly unusual choice to embed words, symbols, and images onto our bodies until the day we die. It's barely accepted by the mainstream in liberal western countries let alone other cultures. People are going to be intrigued and ask questions just as much as they are going to be offended or mesmerized. That's part of being (visibly) tattooed. It annoys me sometimes too but hey it's part of the package.
  12. I too have a snake. It's wrapped around a coffin on my right arm. For me I always connected it with biblical imagery and the book of Genesis. Thought of the tattoo idea when I was still religious. A year later I became in atheist but still liked the imagery/symbolism. Especially since in the Qur'an the only crime Iblis (who becomes Shaitan after being banished from heaven) commits is questioning god and I liked that. Coincidentally the year I got the tattoo was also the Chinese year of the snake.
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