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  1. Sounds good.. Mine takes about 2 weeks or more for all the flaky bits to fully go. But I guess everyones skin is different
  2. Everything around the sternum, nipples and top of stomach for me so far. In fact, just getting my chest piece done sucked so much.. Everytime I see someone getting their chest started I think thank god I dont have to experience that again
  3. Really? I dont know the protocol about talking about prices on hre, but I was under the impression that frith st were fairly pricey
  4. I dunno, im not one to compromise on price, but being a northener, the prices in London are pretty steep. When I got a pay rise I treated myself to a piece from frank carter, but I couldnt afford to go there regularly
  5. I dry heal for the first week, misting it occasionally with antiseptic wound spray to stop it getting so dry it cracks.Then once the flakeiness has no danger of gooping up after a week or so I use ointments. I use tattoo tonic by missy lepink. A small British brand. The ointment is 100% natural stuff and smells nice too
  6. Thats immense. I wanted an eagle with a snake but this has swayed me a bit. Valerie is a genius, bit expensive for me though...
  7. i know i'm a snob. i will only go to artists after thoroughly looking through their work on facebook/magazines etc. i want the best quality work on my skin, and would not be happy with less than that. its hard sometimes when people show you stuff or recommend someone and you look at it and its terrible, to not tell them so, but its best to keep that snobbiness in your head. if nothing else it'll stop you getting shit work.
  8. do not want. if you want to get one removed, imo youve either got a fad tattoo that is no longer cool, or youve gone to shit 'artists'. either way, get it removed the hard way, or live with it. :P - - - Updated - - - lol..
  9. hey man. welcome. what shop do you work at? i always like to find new uk artists to go to.
  10. oh no, see thats one of the pros for me..get a massive piece.. but i always used to be of the opinion that it was pointless getting back done as you'll never be able to just look at it properly..if you see what i mean? so i always envisioned myself ending up kinda like mitch lucker, completely covered on the front, nothing on my back.
  11. why thank you sir. i guess i was quite late joining the game (comparatively nowadays) starting at 23, but i'm thankful for this because it meant i never got any terrible fad tattoos like tribal or any silly rap influenced designs. i'm a bit of a snob when it comes to work, but only really for myself, eg i will seek out high quality artists and wont compromise on price or quality. my priority now is to finish my arms. after that i'll probably move onto my legs, as i'm undecided whether to get my back done yet..
  12. when i first started, i had this vision of getting all black and grey, religious/dark art style imagery, 2 sleeves and a chest piece, because that was the tattooing styl i thought was best. i'd seen traditional, and liked them, but never saw myself getting them. however, as i got more and more into the culture, i found different styles, and now i have a mix and match of various styles. i try to keep all my black/grey work on one arm, and the bold, bright colour work on the other, but thats the only sort of control i have on mine. the imagery and subject dont particularly work in a theme, i jus
  13. the black and grey was done by polish dan, and big g unwin, and the girls face by rose price. the chestpiece...yeah yeah owls i know! i like them.. by wil purnell. - - - Updated - - - my old school arm..the bill the butcher was done by wil purnell again. the snake in hand, by frank carter. the nurse, by rich smith and the tiny pin up, by lee hadfield. once this arm is filled with the designs i want, i will bring it all together with the dots and stars method..i like that.
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