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  1. Here is my favorite by John Barrett:
  2. Ok sorry Slayer! I will check out Anderson..thank you
  3. Hello....I have been looking for a tattooer for the past several months to do a black and gray sleeve consisting of realistic looking skulls and DOD lady. Recently, I got in contact with Caesar Tattoo, Cris Gherman at Last Rites, and Jose Perez jr (who is part time at last rites). I have talked to probably about a dozen tattooers, but I am being very picky and want to make the best choice. I am located in NJ, so NY, PA, NJ, etc (east coast is where I am looking) is ok. Any thoughts on the above artists I mentioned? Would they all be able to deliver a quality realistic looking black and gray tattoo?
  4. Making my decision even harder....paul marino's stuff looks great.
  5. Hello, I posted this on the introduction page but thought it might get some new insight here. I am looking for an artist that can best replicate the style of the picture below. To be clear, I am not looking to replicate the tattoo, just capture a similar scene, and I just love the detail, shading, and emotion that is captured in this piece. Does anyone know who the artist is? I have been unable to locate the origins. Anyway, I am located in NJ, and am looking for guidance on who could nail this. I have gotten some good advice so far from bigjoe, and I truly appreciate anymore suggestions...I would like to keep it within driving distance if possible. I have reached out to numerous tattooers throughout the country to caesartattoo, stefano, weatherholtz, tim kern, darwin enriquez, chris adamek, etc, but have not heard back from any of them yet. I did hear back from Oly Anger, Matt Lukesh, Randy Prause, and the guys down at Deep Six. Would anyone have any reservations about these artists, and also, when I contacted Deep Six, they seemed to think Tom Taylor would be the best fit for this piece. Anyone familiar with his work? His portfolio looks good, but not as much grey/black as Anger. I want to make sure I make the best decision possible, and it seems like I can't make a decision at all! Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance!
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    Hiya There

    Looks great! Glad it worked out.
  7. BigJoe thanks again for the recomendations....I did check out the last rites guys, but haven't heard back. I really like that last guy, Wes Schultz's stuff.....it is a hard decision to make, because there are many talented artists, I am just trying to best match up the styles I am looking for. Not sure what way to go, but really leaning towards Oly, unless I hear back from Caesartattoo soon....
  8. I am still looking for an artist...I have heard back from Randy Prause, Oly Anger, and potentially could get in with Dan Henk....who do you think would be the best to capture the style I am going for in this picture (I am not looking to replicate the tattoo, just something similar with this type of shading/detail): Also, anyone know the original artist?
  9. Big Joe...I will check them out....I haven't heard back from Chris Adamek....I also contacted Cesar and Stefano in NYC, but haven't received an email back. I really like the realism in Oly's work, minus the bio stuff, and I haven't found that anywhere else, except for Robert Pho in Vegas. Biagio's stuff looks really good though. What do you think of Matt Lukesh at Seppuku? - - - Updated - - - Graeme...by the way, he did in fact work at Last Rites for a little bit. Also, good idea about hiring translator for a bit. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know who the original artist of this tattoo is: I am going for a similar style piece, and trying to find another picture, but can't figure out who did the work.
  11. Graeme...one of my concerns about going up to Montreal (from NJ) is communicating with Oly, since I hear his English isn't great. Is there anyone in the shop that can translate? I just want to make sure we are on the same page with specifics in the work.
  12. Hello, I am a new member...I live in NJ....I have a few tattoos....first one I got when I was 17 (I am 31 now), and it is a dragon on my back done by Ronnie Dell'Aquila, who I just realized is a pretty well known tattooer. When I joined the USMC, I got the traditional EGA, and the added Japanese Koi, waves on my chest and arm, and then have another half sleeve on my other arm. Except for the first one, they were all done by random shops, and they are ok, nothing special. Right now, I am looking to start a full sleeve on my right arm mostly of different types of skulls, black and grey. I have contacted many artists in the past few months, but right now it looks like I am going to go see Oly Anger up in Montreal. Any input on him or his capability?
  13. Hoping to get up to see Oly Anger in Montreal is May to start my sleeve.
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