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  1. Looks good I would even go so far as to say it would be cool to have less detail on the clouds and black them out to make the subjects pop a bit more
  2. Obviously h3 hasn't lost it but sometimes I look at his Instagram and see his posts of old school bodysuits and with he did stuff more along those lines where you've got tonnes of background with limited colour pallet and smallish foreground. It's my favorite iteration of japanese stuff.
  3. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    That post was useless without photos I'm sorry. Edit ignore my mum's living room, kids party.
  4. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Just had 4 hours on my sleeve Gavin did an awesome job reworking the lower half. Hopefully finishing all the black next time. Normally I eat and nap after instead I've been at a kids party still wrapped up. Thinking of doing shunga in my armpits because I've got the space.
  5. There we go haha I'll choose to believe you and ignore any and all evidence to the contrary.
  6. Aww man c'mon once this arm is fixed it's chest and rib time don't tell me that shit. I'm planning on getting my nipples blacked out as well but I'm thinking of doing that a cm at a time every time I go.
  7. New tattoo 😁

    Awesome, are your quavers reversed in the mirror?
  8. Painting Methods & Materials

    This thread has been a goldmine for me as a newbie painter. I started out with cheap shit and struggled but upgrading my paper and paints made my life so much better. Attached a painting with cheap paper and the works pain then a flower with decent (not arches but still) paper and student paints.
  9. Bump in tattoo?

    All the black on my one arm is raised like that you can feel the whole outline. People like to touch that shit.
  10. Upcoming Tattoos

    I've got two appointments booked with Gavin rose to sort and finish my sleeves starting February. I'm well chuffed!
  11. Awesome guys thanks for that! Some great suggestions, apparently I'm difficult to buy for because hey I'm an adult if I want something I'll buy it myself. At least I can point to something now.
  12. Hi guys, I know a lot of you have some killer japanese tattoos so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good japanese reference books. Woodblock or straight up tattoos been nagged for what I want for Christmas (my family celebrate in January so it's not super short notice).
  13. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    I've been to London to get tattooed from Cardiff and I'm cheap when it comes to transport so k went on the bus. 6 hours I think it was door to door plus an hour hanging around waiting for the shop to open it was pretty rough on the way back especially sitting for all that time. Trousers were stuck down with leg juices. Yum
  14. Tattooing over blue

    I don't mind hugely to be honest. It sounds wierd but I quite like the slightly shitty looking colours in old traditional bodysuits
  15. Tattooing over blue

    Hi guys does anyone know how feasible it is to tattoo red or orange over blue? That artist who started my sleeve went rogue with the colour originally and I'm getting the whole thing finished/reworked in the UK I asked for orange to get a bit more of a traditional vibe going but this is what I've ended with so advice appreciated.