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  1. *ass warning* Started my back last month with Gavin rose at stronghold
  2. Tiny update, I've been playing with watercolour markers, I'm a big fan.
  3. https://m.imgur.com/a/y19vdiz Got the one arm done now (pictures won't attach for some reason)
  4. Don't stress about it. Wash it once or twice a day or after workouts then cream it up lightly afterwards if it's crazy dry in the day maybe put a little on then my latest addition is at the same stage but it's all red which seems to heal a little rougher than black for me. If you need a touch up so be it, I can already tell the very point of my elbow needs one (probably my fault though I prop myself up on it).

    Ditch Healing

    Wierdly right in the crease of the ditch always peels and heals the fastest. It stays sore from the bruising but other than that I moisturize it way less than the rest of my arm otherwise it turns swampy.
  6. Got my other elbow finished today, currently enjoying that lovely can't really bend my arm feeling. One more session and I'm done though (on this arm)!
  7. The scalloping on my inner arm comes down fairly deep so I'm going to whip some shunga up in the armpit but my inner bicep still needs something to fill the gap. Suggestions on a postcard.
  8. Finished all the black yesterday, I'm getting tattooed every two weeks from here on out so I'll just update at the end of this sleeve to avoid spamming the thread.
  9. Exactly this the difference between the fu dogs on my thighs and the part of my sleeve below my elbow is night and day despite the fu dogs being 3 or so years older.
  10. I think it would look better If the bottom of the board was waves instead of the stripes and they broke out of the edge of the board like the palm tree. I'm not a fan of the family as is, but then I'm not a huge fan of text in tattoos personally. I think it could work a bit better in a different colour and placed above the palms.
  11. Progress pic on my arm black black and more black
  12. I agree I think it's pretty cool. How it could be expanded I'm not sure without a hard line where the lines end.
  13. I got into a disagreement outside a disco and scuffed my tattoo when I was taking the guy down now I'm definitely going to need a touch up it's right near the putan wrist as well.
  14. Looks good I would even go so far as to say it would be cool to have less detail on the clouds and black them out to make the subjects pop a bit more
  15. Obviously h3 hasn't lost it but sometimes I look at his Instagram and see his posts of old school bodysuits and with he did stuff more along those lines where you've got tonnes of background with limited colour pallet and smallish foreground. It's my favorite iteration of japanese stuff.
  16. That post was useless without photos I'm sorry. Edit ignore my mum's living room, kids party.
  17. Just had 4 hours on my sleeve Gavin did an awesome job reworking the lower half. Hopefully finishing all the black next time. Normally I eat and nap after instead I've been at a kids party still wrapped up. Thinking of doing shunga in my armpits because I've got the space.
  18. Aww man c'mon once this arm is fixed it's chest and rib time don't tell me that shit. I'm planning on getting my nipples blacked out as well but I'm thinking of doing that a cm at a time every time I go.
  19. JTJTJT

    New tattoo 😁

    Awesome, are your quavers reversed in the mirror?
  20. This thread has been a goldmine for me as a newbie painter. I started out with cheap shit and struggled but upgrading my paper and paints made my life so much better. Attached a painting with cheap paper and the works pain then a flower with decent (not arches but still) paper and student paints.
  21. All the black on my one arm is raised like that you can feel the whole outline. People like to touch that shit.
  22. I've got two appointments booked with Gavin rose to sort and finish my sleeves starting February. I'm well chuffed!
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