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  • Birthday 02/10/1982

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    im here
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    bloomington-normal, illinois
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    outsider music and art
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  1. The tattoos you've got up on here look great man

  2. Hey jeremy!

    Didn't we go to Heyworth highschool together in 97/98?

    Nice work by the way :)

  3. jeremy ross


    last painting i did of 2010. literally at about midnight...
  4. jeremy ross

    record boy

    12 x 16
  5. jeremy ross


    9 x 12
  6. jeremy ross


    9 x 12
  7. jeremy ross


    9 x 12
  8. jeremy ross


    9 x 12
  9. jeremy ross


    9 x 12
  10. The places I've worked or done guest spots is so short....but getting there. I've been pretty darn lucky. Artkore tattoo (normal, illinois) Taylor Street Tattoo (chicago) Odds N Ends Tattoo (rockford, illinois)
  11. And I can't believe I forgot Steve boltz
  12. Vincent klopfenstein (non tattooer) Chris turbo goff Andrew stickler Adam shrewbury Erik von bartholomous Lana gooding Ryan thompson Tilt Steve mcclintock Jeff zuck Ricardo sturdivant Boxcar Tim beck Bailey robinson josh howard Keith underwood Chad ramsey Daniel albrigo Jeff whitehead Me
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