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  1. I'd like to hear your policies on deposits. I've had a rash of reschedules and no shows and i'm thinking of changing the way I do business.

    Thank you for your input and replies


    At our shop we tke $40 deposits.. I feel it out. if it's a small tat and i know its scheduled for the day after someones payday or it's a regular client i'm lenient - but for days like saturday and friday that are big money earners its a definite must. we do a $40 deposit that comes off the overall cost of the tattoo. If we get 24 hours notice we move the apt, less than that they lose the deposit..we're pretty fair about it, but we need to make a living too :) I think it's fairly standard.. Kind of unavoidable ...at the end of the day if it wasnt about money on some level we would all be just painting at home or doing it for free..lol..

  2. I am curious why bad tattoos are so popular. I mean, I can understand that someone who knows nothing about tattoos goes to a bad artist and gets a badly done tattoo. I did that myself. What I don't understand are why tattoos lacking any creativity or art are so popular.

    For instance, why do people want to put typewriter text on themselves? Why do they want so much text but no images? Why do they want flowery, descriptive text but not an image of what that text is describing? This makes absolutely no sense to me. I've been as dumb as anybody regarding tattoos but one thing I've never had pop into my mind is to want words describing beautiful things rather than the beautiful things themselves.

    Another one are the fads like the inifinity symbols, the text on the wrist and the exploding birds thing. Back in the 90s when I first got a tattoo the fads (the fairies, the curly tribal stuff on the lower back) at least were flattering. The current fads are so ugly. I saw a girl with the exploding birds and it looked like someone had attacked her with a marking pen. The small crap on the wrist thing looks like you're trying to sneak crib notes in to the test. The straight lines of text tattoos are so unflattering to men and women alike. I just don't understand.

    Am I just an old fuddy-duddy complaining about the youth of today? Has there actually been a real change in the culture to prefer ugliness over color, shape, texture and art? Any ideas?

    Whenever I put on a fad tattoo I make it a point to not judge a person's decision..its whatever makes them happy...

    but here we get "believe" every 3rd sitting.. feathers turning into birds, blowing daisies turning into birds.. a lot of shit turning into BIRDS....

    the NEWEST trend is randomly writing "Ohana" on people..... sigh

  3. Since I know a lot of your ride, wondering if any of you may have some info that could help me out:)

    I'm in Canada - and I've been looking at a few older harleys in the USA .. Wondering what the process to bring bikes into canada is (registering.. the hassle of it all)

    Have any of you had any experiences private purchasing bikes internationally?


  4. When a shop has a sign that says "No Kids" it's because people don't use common sense on when to bring kids to a tattoo shop. If your kid is old enough to get what is going on and behave themselves i don't think most people would have a problem. That sign is not for them. It's for the people who bring their two year olds with them to get tattooed and they scream for an hour because there is nothing for them to do in a tattoo shop and I won't let them use the artists portfolio as a coloring book, then I spend the next three hours trying make the place not smell like piss and cheetos. That would be too wordy.

    Most people get it bring your kids in set up an appointment and leave them at home for the tattoo or maybe bring them and let them watch for a little bit if they want and have other parent take em out for ice cream before they start to get bored. I bring my son to the tattoo shop at least once a week, but not on the days I am trying to get work done, it would be too hard to concentrate.

    Needless to say we don't have one of those signs in the shop, but i get why people do.

    We often have people come with toddlers and infants and expect to just leave them in the waiting area and it is not safe... We can't control what our clients say/ profanity/ the kids could run into someone and cause an endangerment to themselves and to us... so we strongly discourage folks from bringing YOUNG children to a shop.. we are not babysitters.

    on the same note however if you have a well behaved child who is old enough to understand what is going on and behave it is no issue whatsoever. We have no sign - we just think of safety first.. strictly safety.

    When I am on the client end, my biggest pet peeve is people having huge conversations on my dime then clocking it on the time, or acting like they are god and i am oh-so-fortunate to be getting a tattoo from them.

    nomatter what your talent level, you are paying your bills because of your clients, and there has to be some mutual respect.

  5. Hey guys

    So when I posted about "sales" a lot of you posted back about really awesome promos your shops or local shops had been doing (flash day, the classic fri 13th, daffodiles for cancer etc). Inspired by this our shop actually did a flash style promo day (not a sale lol) that kicked absolute ass (and for me as an apprentice, really got my name out there to our clients) so thank you for the inspiration.

    (NOTE: I should mention when i was discussing "sales" there was a shop around here that was advertising 8 hours of tattoos for 500$ or something ridiculous on the radio..like an INSANE "sale" using the word "sale" and it was just..tacky and BAD)

    While "sales" are something we will never do..cool promos like you all had discussed instead are really neat ideas.

    Can you guys list any cool "theme day promos" etc you have encountered? We are trying to think up one for june.. and moving forward I have a list of what the months are associated with BUT its really not that cool..so any input would be awesome.

    :)thanks guys

  6. This is a great thread. When I first started getting tattooed I wasnt into gals that had tattoos on their arms or really anywhere visible. Then when I started getting more tattoos women with more tattoos started to grow on me. Then when i decided I was going to be a tattooer and I fully sumerged myself into the whole culture I then started to find women heavily tattooed far more attractive than woman without. I think it is mostly like everyone has been saying that an untattooed woman wouldnt quite grasp how big of a part the world of tattooing is in my life. If they couldnt share the same passion then it would be really hard to find other things in common.

    Especially being a tattooer myself, most of the women I meet now days are in tattoo shops or at conventions. Luckily for me my old lady loves tattoos and the culture. I met her when she came in to get a tattoo re-worked. When we met almost a year ago she only had 5 tattoos. She now is almost complete with one sleeve and her back piece is drawn up. She had always loved tattoos but was affraid she wouldnt be able to find a guy that would accept her for her tattoos. Then when she met me she realized that i would love her with her tattoos and she went for it!

    Yeh..When I met my hubby he had no tattoos.. I am heavily tattooed but none on my arms or chest so I can hide it easily.. I came with a disclaimer:P You don't like ink, do not unwrap this present. lol.

  7. That things is pretty weird, but cool and fun at the same time. Usually the problem I have with weird tattoo is people do em all wonky and new school, this seems to be a pretty solid tattoo.

    But also I would like to add that Dave Lum has being doing weird, but technically perfect tattoos since before most of us even thought of getting a tattoo.


    Also Jeff Rassier, just pointing out weird is not really a trend and most tattoos are weird, and the idea of getting a tattoo is pretty weird. Imagine if no one had tattoos and someone suggested the idea of letting someone stab you repeatedly with a needle and ink to create a permanent design?

    good points!

    I guess I'm just seeing a lot of people get weird things for the sake of them being weird, on purpose, for humour.lol. i'm sure this is not new, its just like a massive spike in the behavior.

  8. Well... This marks 6 months since I took my daughters and left an angry wee man who had a hold over me for 10 years of my life. I guess leaving an abusive relationship is pretty awesome. I think a couple of drinks tonight, whilst packing up the house to move tomorrow ,is in order !

    It's wonderful to see a woman put her children before a need to be validated by a man/her relationship etc..

    It's even MORE wonderful to see a woman STAY GONE.

    cheers to you - tough cookie - your children will have a wonderful example of what it means to truly be strong.

  9. My daughter is turning 18 in June and she's talking about getting tattooed.

    I'm sure she wouldn't want me to come with her though! I think she's super into being "independent" right now ;)

    She's in Denver, so I mentioned Marie Sena's name sort of casually, I was afraid if I was too emphatic that she should see Marie that she'd dig her heels in and see anyone but Marie!!!

    Oh, teenage daughters!!

    I can't wait til she's a tiny bit older/wiser...

    When I was at that age my father started quoting Mark Twain all the time... I think he was trying to not murder me.lol

  10. My wife works in a library and I'm imagining how she's react if I suggested she read it:

    (Here's me desperately trying to wash pepper spray out of my eyes)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Not to disrespect your book choices or anything...

    hahaha none taken - As mentioned It all started as a joke... before tattooing I got a history degree..(oh so useful) and through the course of that was made to read so many books that to me were terrible repetitive bs that it took the magic out of story telling...lol..analysing everything..

    50 shades started as a joke, but turned into something i could turn my brain off for..which sometimes? I really need.lol. It's the same old formula kind of book..

    When we get into favorites on a serious level I'm a huge stephen king fan.

  11. Look at the plus side.

    Someone tough enough to get through several of these books is someone to fear. :)

    LOL my hubby is afraid

    we made the book into a drinking game

    i name a page, and a line number, and he has to read it out loud...it ends in him drinking LOL

    ...then we switch

    ...its colorful

    but amusing

  12. Im on the 3rd book of 50 shades of grey *shame face*

    i borrowed the first one out of humor so i could have an educated opinion on everyone's bullshit about it..

    then the book ended with him beating her with a belt and her running away...so..i couldnt let it end like that...one thing led to another, and several bottles of wine later here I am reading more smut


    i reiterate

    shame face

  13. I've had 6 or 7 motorcycles over the years, presently have 2 modern Triumphs:

    a Speed Triple and a Tiger 800 XC. Tastes vary but there isn't a bike I'd trade either

    of these two to get.

    My favorite thing is to ride the bikes up to BC & the Rockies & blog about it.

    Even though a cliff near Nelson dropped rocks on one and killed it. Blog.

    That would be a gorgeous thing to see on a bike

  14. I've done the classic moustache finger tattoo.. I put an exclamation mark on a middle finger the other day...redundancy lol

    My mentor put a chick pushing a lawn mower on the top of a guys bald spot awhile back - that was amusing..but the classic sailor jerry bent-over monkey? He put that on someone with their bellybutton as the monkeys butthole...that was a classy moment in time:P he did an amazing job, and it was what they asked for.lol

  15. Too many chiefs and not enough indians, as we used to say back in the pre-PC days. Far too many tattooers have simply put a few pieces on their legs, rented a shop, and look ma, I'm a tattooer.

    I'm an apprentice - It's a time consuming, grueling process (loving it all the way).. I definitely agree that it acts as quality control - or SHOULD.. my mentor has only ever had two apprentices in his entire career.. Ill be the last... Like children you don't just go make 10 because you can LOL...

  16. Anyone noticing the crazy kind of new school trend that is really..really..really growing of getting theeeee most outrageous funny/goofy/random tattoos humanly possible just for shits and giggles?lol

    I realize people have always done this..but lately I have -seen things-..things I cannot un-see.. lol

    If you're noticing it too - name some of the craziest tattoo designs/ whackiest you've been privy to lately.

    I have a guy that wants me to tattoo a giant alarm clock with a banner that says "fun time" for no real reason...

    And saw a girl get a gumball machine filled with eggs..which honestly was really cool. random but very cool..

    In a magazine I actually saw a tattoo that had an image of someone with a visible mental disability that said "go full retarded"... im guessing they are going to regret that...quickly..highly offensive...

    The list goes on...things seem to be getting more and more random...

  17. This is me in November last year ,grew my hair back since and stopped fondeling my nipples

    Priceless and reminds me of the movie/guy "Bronson" lol.. look that shit up.hahaha

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