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    Born in Oz, moved to London late 2012.
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  1. I'm loving some of the answers in this thread, great stuff :) After getting really tired of trying to explain my choices to people I shouldn't have to explain them to, I've recently started responding with the "Because I like ____" when asked about my tattoos. (Bear on ribs, and swallows on my foot) and it's fun the see the wheels turn in their heads while they try and process the simplicity of that answer.
  2. LukeJ

    New around here.

    Another update for anyone interested :) I had my bear coloured in 2 saturdays ago, and it's good to be finished! This photo was taken shortly after it was finished. - - - Updated - - - So that link isn't working but there's a picture in my gallery :)
  3. LukeJ

    Bear on ribs finished

    The bear with some colour in him now :) The brown more like an auburn which I'm happy with.
  4. LukeJ

    New around here.

    So I got another tattoo 5 days from Ricky @ the family business. It's a bear on my ribs, and I've uploaded a pic to my profile (please excuse the poor quality, I took it on my phone is lowish light). I'm booked in to get it coloured in a few weeks :)
  5. LukeJ

    My Bear incomplete

    Linework and black shading done, 5 days after, taken in mirror so it's actually on my left side.
  6. Welcome Josh, I just had a look at your site and there are some really cool pieces on there. Top stuff! :)
  7. LukeJ

    New around here.

    Thanks for the welcome and good vibes projected towards my ink. I told Sharon (the Artist) that I wanted colour, and let her do the rest, which for me makes it more like a signature piece from Her. Thanks! It took about 2 hours all up :) - - - Updated - - - @hogg I was surprised at how tolerable it was myself, I think maybe my mind is my worst enemy in these circumstances, but I'm glad I went in expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised, rather than the other way around :p
  8. Hey all, I've been lurking around LST for the past couple of weeks now, and finally decided to join. I got my first tattoo on Wednesday, and the forum here definitely helped me make up my mind on what I wanted. I ended up going for a pair of traditional style swallows on my foot, and Sharon from Tattoo 13 in Soho did the rest! I uploaded a pic to my profile :) A bit more about me, I was born and raised in Australia (a city called Wollongong, south of Sydney) but moved to London about 8 months ago (thanks to my English parents, I've got myself a shiny new British passport), and am working and enjoying life. That's it for now I suppose...
  9. LukeJ

    First tattoo

    Pair of swallows, done by Sharon at Tattoo 13 in Soho, London.