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  1. I think I'm ready to join the club. I have exactly one month until my first appointment to start my back. I'm glad to hear the mortality rate isn't too high, as this is also my first tattoo and I'm doing back to back sessions. The tattooer told me it's not always a bad thing to start with the back, because "you don't know any better, so you're dumb enough to think that pain is normal for a tattoo."
  2. I know one of those guys. His back piece is even more ridiculous in person. I can't wait until January.
  3. My son's preschool changed the date on his Christmas program, so I had to reschedule my appointment. I couldn't miss the program. So, instead of starting my back piece December 12, I'll be starting January 7 and 8. It was 20 degrees and snowy at home today. I'm hoping Tempe is nice and warm in January.
  4. That's kind of what I thought. I am a little crazy already, but I'm damn sure not alone. - - - Updated - - - I'd be honored to have a Coleman backpiece, but I wasn't able to pull that one off.
  5. We're talking full traditional Japanese from neck to knees. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I can't pass up the chance.
  6. Over a year ago I had a couple tattoos lined up, but I had to back out. I managed to tear my labrum in my shoulder, which put me out of commission for quite some time. It sucks when a 100lb woman at physical therapy can make you want to cry. Anyway, everything is put back together, and I was able to get another appointment. I have no tattoos, but have always wanted a full back piece. So, I guess I'm just jumping in the deep end and going for it. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I'm on the books for Dec 13.
  7. Just found out my brother will be in NYC on 9/13-9/15. He's currently stationed in South Africa, and I haven't seen him in 2 years, so I'm going to see him. I figured if I'm there I might as well get tattooed. I'm wanting a couple black/gray roses. I saw some roses from John Sultana I'd like to get, so I contacted him and I'm waiting to hear back. Does anyone have any suggestions for other artists on such short notice?
  8. I was scheduled to have a 2 day appointment with Kore Flatmo next weekend. Due to work I had to reschedule until October. I was a little disappointed. Then, a couple weeks ago I emailed Chris O'Donnell about working on my back. I really didn't expect to get a response right away. Not only did he respond quickly, he said he liked the idea and asked if I wanted to start in a couple months. Needless to say, I'm a little excited.
  9. From Kore or from someone else? Saw one Dana Helmuth did five or six years ago that always stuck with me. I was just looking at pictures on here of previous ones that had been done. I did find a couple Kore has done, and they were sick, so I'll probably talk to him about it in August. I'm not opposed to anyone though. It might be cool to have other artists work on me as well. I'm open to suggestions.
  10. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support. Life is kind of crazy, a couple years ago I hated running. Now I'm waiting to see if I get picked in the drawing to run in the NYC marathon. We'll find out what happens in about a week. I said in my introduction thread that I think I might be a little crazy. I haven't even got this tattoo started and I spent a few hours today dreaming about and looking at ideas for a tibetan skull back piece.
  11. I've wanted a tattoo for years, but never thought I had a good enough "reason". Well, I finally have that reason. All my life I have been extremely overweight. I'm talking 5ft 8in and weighed 330lbs. My wife and I had our first son, and when he was 1.5 years old we were talking about having a second baby. It finally sunk in that if I didn't do something I was going to have a heart attack/die and wouldn't be around to take care of my wife and kids. So with the support of my wife, I went on a diet. From July 31, 2011 to July 31, 2012 I went from 327.8 lbs to 206lbs. Over the last year I've ke
  12. I think I've got it bad, because I haven't even begun with my first tattoo and am planning/dreaming for the next one. I've decided I want a Tibetan skull somewhere and thought a huge one on my back would be cool. I stumbled upon a thread where you mentioned Kore was doing one on you. Have you started it or have any pictures?
  13. I've already talked to reverend and he said the same thing about everyone at the studio being first rate. It should be an amazing experience. As for the tattoo, I'm jumping right in and starting a chest piece. One side of my chest will be a skull draped in linen with the linen blowing in the wind. The other side will be two sparrows floating on the wind. Then right in the middle of my chest, under the collar bones will be a portrait of my wife's eyes. It will be all black and gray. Kore gave me a little more detail, but I think that's the basic plan. I just can't wait to get the completed st
  14. Just a quick introduction. I've wanted a tattoo for a long time but never knew what to get. In the last couple years I had some big changes in my life and I decided a nice big tattoo was in order. After doing hours of research I decided to try and get ahold of Kore Flatmo. I had my phone consultation with Kore and got scheduled for Aug 16 and 17. I figured if I'm going to finally do this I might as well go big and go to the best artist I can find. Needless to say, I can't wait for August. I'm glad to be here, and have enjoyed everything so far.
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