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  1. FINALLY got around to starting this project last weekend on April 23..when the whole Shakespeare geek world was celebrating 400 years of his work. Done by Sasha King, owner of Dark Horse Tattoo in Seattle.
  2. A Haida style wolf. Done last Fall by Justin Delong at Deep Roots in Lynnwood, WA.
  3. Don't let the idiots get you down. It's YOUR life and you're living it on your terms!
  4. donbcivil

    Haida wolf

    Justin DeLong at Deep Roots Tattoo Lynnwood, WA
  5. I kind of have a thing for literary tattoos...have one with just the word "timshel" from East of Eden and there are others that I think about. The one that I'm seriously considering now is getting one or two largish pieces commemorating Shakespeare's work. Always enjoyed Shakespeare, ever since university. Anyway, I've been thinking about getting one or two largish Shakespeare-themed tattoos for a while and wanted to solicit feedback about whether these ideas could look cool...or need a lot more thought. Here's what I'm thinking... On my left upper arm. potentially all of it in a partial sleeve: Using as much space as needed two larger figures (Hamlet and Hal), on top in the attached image. The flag with three big cats' heads, if it fits, could add a little bit to the Hal portrait. The two smaller heads, Falstaff and Lady Macbeth, to illustrate the comedy and tragedy in Shakespeare's work The point with this is a homage to the Bard's extreme skill at creating lifelike characters that resonate powerfully, 400 years after being written. I see these ins some sort of montage with some sort of background. Maybe some sort of vines? On my left upper back: Wondering what you think of this idea, which may sound kind of off the wall but sounds pretty cool to me: the Tempest is a play with lead character Prospero, a banished former governor who has developed powers including control of the weather. One version swapped genders and had the gorgeous actress Helen Mirren as Prospera. OK, so I'm also a huge fan of the short-lived Firefly TV show and Joss Whedon named two worlds after characters in the Tempest. What I was thinking is having a moderate sized piece on my upper back, with Prospera summoning a storm and the Firefly ship flying across the sky. I would appreciate any and all feedback about these ideas. Thank you! :)
  6. I don't get a lot of stares but sometimes the comments I get are cool. Last May, I took the family to England and Wales for a couple weeks. Had planned to join the Bristol Tattoo Club but Les Skuse's shop in Bristol had closed.:( But anyway, we ended with 4 days in London. We were in line at Westminster Abbey and one of the policemen outside noticed my Triumph Speed Triple tattoo and said that it looked really good. :) - - - Updated - - - Wow, that does sound like a GREAT tattoo!
  7. I hope Les Scuse tattoos is still around. I've been trying to contact them about joining the Bristol Tattoo Club. Phone says wrong number; no email responses. And tomorrow is the day I drive through Bristol. :)
  8. Nope. That way, you can try them out and see if they'll look good to YOU.
  9. Wonder if you could get a trial tattoo, e.g. a really small star, someplace where your leotard would cover it? Say, lower back? That way, if you get a bad rash it won't be visible and means getting more could be problematic? On the other hand, if there isn't a bad reaction, it means you can get your dream tattoo?
  10. I'm still new to tattooing and was wondering when touchups make sense and when they'll come across as kind of a pointless perfectionism. Since tattoos are placed on skin, a surface that's very different from other surfaces on which artists draw. What sort of percentage of tattoos people go back to have retouched. Half maybe? More? Less? And what sort of visual issues send you back for touchups. Tattoos that ended up healing a little inconsistent in color solidity or a LOT consistent? Minor issues with lines in the tattoo? Thanks, D
  11. donbcivil


    Compass done as a memento by Chuck at Faith In Ink in Buffalo, NY.
  12. I'd been thinking about getting a compass tattoo for a while and took the opportunity to do so last week, the day after I arrived back in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY to visit family and friends. Done by Chuck, who owns Faith in Ink tattoo shop n the very arty Allentown district in Buffalo. Great guy and he really bent over backwards to help me find a time we could meet for the ink session. - - - Updated - - - Funny...this was a 5X year anniversary of my class's high school graduation. No organized reunion but I met some old high school friends for pizza & beer. At one point, my buddy Steve suggested that I deserved an award for being the person with the most tattoos. I asked how many others had one or some. None did. So yeah, I win. :cool:
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