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    I am 25 years old and work on fort irwin, CA as a range operations specialist. Love getting tattooed. Enjoy going to concerts. I love animals - cats, dogs, fish, rats, turtles, frogs. Can't wait for that next tattoo =)
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    Helendale, CA
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    tattoos, music, concerts, working, shooting, video games, home aquariums
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    Range operations specialist

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  1. Yeah lol in the winter it wouldn't be bad, but in the summers I would melt. Thankfully I don't have to worry about it right now =)
  2. They play pandora at the shop I go to. I'm pretty much always the first customer in so my artist lets me choose the station and it's usually Morrissey or depeche mode because I know all of the artists there like all the music on those stations. Once I chose tool and that had to have been one of my more fun tattoo experiences. All of the other shops I've ever been tattooed at just play the local rock/alt stations. So I really enjoy the shop I go to now, I don't have to listen to the same top 40 songs over and over again.
  3. I've only done a touch up on two tattoos. One of them I went back and requested myself. I really regret doing it because it looked worse the second time around. A lot of the problem was my fault... Picking a design that had no black outline. But after the touch up the artist also told me he should have passed that tattoo off to someone else in the shop because it was too difficult for him. Well how nice of you to tell me after you get the initial money and tip for it and the tip for the touch up! That tattoo now looks like a big piece of colorful crap lol The second touch up was on my desert
  4. I've always felt like I'm limited to just tattooing my limbs because of issues I have with my weight. I just wouldn't feel comfortable getting anything done anywhere on my chest, ribs, back, etc. so right now I only have my arms and legs tattooed. I guess I am quite the opposite of most other females who would rather get their work done in places they can hide easily lol So in regards to balancing things out and placement... I do still partake in that little detail. For some reason symmetry must really be a woman's thing. I have 18 tattoos total and nine are on the right side of my body and n
  5. I have far too many bad tattoos lol basically all of them I got when I first started getting tattoos when I was younger. No outline, colors are all blending together now... It just looks terrible. And the artist had a REALLY HEAVY hand. I actually have a lot of scar tissue in that tattoo and a lot of ink got pushed out on the original tattoo and the touch up. It healed terribly. This one was my second tattoo. I was drunk. I can't even believe the guy tattooed me, I was really noticeably drunk and only 18 lol I guess he only cared about the $60 he was getting. The words were added later
  6. I've never had issues with any of my tattoos, but I've also always worked on military bases. They tend to be more relaxed regarding tattoos than normal civilian employers. I've gone to all of my interviews with short sleeve dress shirts intentionally because I don't see the point in hiding from the beginning that I have tattoos. Some of my coworkers did that, did interviews in long sleeves and later found out that we have no policy against visible tattoos. I'd rather just let them know up front before I got the job that I had tattoos because there's no way in hell I could work in the middle
  7. When I first started getting tattooed I did all walk ins and all at the same shop. They were all decent artists, but quite a few were kind of rude. I finally found two artists from that one shop who were really friendly and sociable and I really like their work, so I've stuck with them over the last six years. I honestly don't like the silent types when getting tattooed. It makes it very awkward for me sitting there for hours just completely quiet. So I have to have an artist who is willing to engage in conversation with me. In the end I'd rather have a good balance of a good artist who give
  8. Also speaking as a customer.... You definitely need to take deposits. At least a minimum of $40 or $50 and have it go towards the price of the tattoo. The two artists I go to don't make me put down deposits anymore, but I've been going to them for years now. Especially the main artist I go to for most of my tattoos, he's been tattooing me for six years now. I don't think I've given him a deposit since the third tattoo he's done on me? Last year I had to cancel an appointment literally last minute. I went to the appointment and everything, but had to leave due to my blood pressure being th
  9. Eh, it's your opinion, you're entitled to have it, just like others are entitled to have their text tattoos, their tribal tattoos, their tramp stamps and so on. As long as we are happy with what is on our own skin that's all that matters. I'd still much rather have a novel written on my skin that means something to me than a tattoo that I got just because I like the way it looks. I have both types of tattoos and in general, have been much more pleased with the tattoos that actually mean something to me and those are always the ones that have some sort of text in them. I'm happy with them so I
  10. Unfortunately not everyone can afford such amazing imagery to be tattooed on their skin. Yeah they can save up longer instead of getting the tattoo right then and there, but I'm sure you know how it is to want a tattoo and not be able to afford that huge beautiful piece. The music I listen to does create strong imagery for me though, that's why mine aren't all text, but they are heavily text based. But I still don't see anything wrong with all text tattoos if that's what a person wants.
  11. I love getting text tattoos, they're all music related. I'm very big into music and it's what I connect with so naturally it's what I want to base my tattoos off of. I think tattoos are like music taste, it's stupid to judge other people's tattoos negatively because it's all subjective. What looks dumb to you is the next persons favorite piece of art. There is no right or wrong thing to get. Things you might love to put on your body, I wouldn't understand. I don't understand tribal, stars, dragons, zodiac signs, etc., but I don't say it's a dumb fad and bash people for getting them because it'
  12. I'm hoping it's just because it's on the leg. My gray shading is still very red and most the tattoo is still very red all around the outside as well. Very swollen too. At least it's not as hot to the touch today, so that's good. I'm probably worrying too much about the normal healing process considering the placement of the tattoo.
  13. I usually know for a month or two that I want to get a certain type of tattoo like a desert scene, ocean scene, a tree, etc., and then it takes me a few weeks to find the images I want and put it all together. Then make the appointment so that's another two weeks or so. In the end my tattoos are usually a three month process or so. The most impulsive ones I have were the first few I got when I was younger. They're all small and not very detailed and were done with friends when they were visiting and we had a little extra cash to spare. My favorite impulse tattoo would be my bee tattoo althou
  14. I can only sit for about 4 and a half - 5 hours and then my body literally feels like it's going into shock. I get extremely cold and clammy and start twitching. No amount of food and water has helped me sit through a session any longer.
  15. I have different styles, mainly because when I first started getting tattooed I had a much smaller budget and couldn't really afford bigger, more colorful tattoos lol so had to stick with smaller all black tattoos. As I got older and got a real job and the financial situation picked up, I realized I really enjoyed the colorful cartoonish type tattoos and that is what I tend to get now. I don't think it looks bad to have a mixed style of tattoos though. But once you find out what you like and what looks good on your skin, you usually tend to stick with it. Too much black doesn't sit well on my
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