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  1. I'm originally from the West Coast. I was born in Victoria, BC. I moved to Nova Scotia from Whitby, Ontario. Well...what brings me to this site is, my wanting to get my first tattoo, and in doing research, I found this site and joined up. Looking for any info and advice for a tattoo virgin. :) lol
  2. Hello fellow Canadian and welcome! I'm new here too. Hope all turns out well for you! I'm currently in the beautiful city of Halifax.
  3. Hello folks of LST! Allow me to introduce myself. I go by GeeDubayou. I am a 28 year old living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am currently in the process of pondering getting a series of tattoos. I am a blank slate at the moment and in doing research, I've also wanted to join a forum or two and converse with tattoo artists and those who enjoy getting tattoos. I have 0 tattoos and 0 piercings. My first series of tattoos I want to get is to commemorate my childhood. I was born in 1984 and grew up in the golden age of Super Mario, and the great side scrolling games of the 90s. And to pay homage to my childhood, I want to get a series of tattoos of various Super Mario characters on my arm, and possibly other characters too. So, if you have any recommendations or any wisdom to impart in regards to first tattoos please feel free to say hi and leave me some wisdom! Thank you!