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  1. I've gotta admit, I never noticed the lack of black women in flash/tattoos before. I feel kinda stupid now. Done by Dusty Neal (more info at THE STATIC AGE, I started thinking one day how I )


    This is really awesome, I saw this reposted somewhere but the idiot did not credit the artist, I am so glad I know who painted this now, I just emailed him inquiring about a possible print. FYI, Freddy Corbin has been drawing black pin-ups for years, another reason to love Freddy.

  2. richard stell is chuck norris with a better beard

    My first trip to Dallas was in 1998 and I worked right near Richard's shop. The owner of the shop said, "come on, I'll introduce you to Richard Stell". We walked over there and they were filming Walker Texas Ranger, Richard was tattooing. I got to meet Richard Stell, Mike Wilson AND Chuck Norris all within 5 minutes of each other. It was the coolest day ever for me. Richard wouldn't stop tattooing for them to film and told them to deal with it and film around him, it was rad. I told Richard that story recently from my perspective and he chuckled. I am very excited to see him on Ink Master.

  3. Check it out everyone, Dice Magazine and True South Relief Fund will be hosting a benefit on Saturday July 28th at True Tattoo in Hollywood. If you're in the Southern California area then come on by and show your support for a good cause, there will be lot's of great stuff being auctioned off, such as one-off tattoo machines, custom painted motorcycle helmets, prints, paintings and drawings. It’ll be a good time and a good positive vibe.


  4. I think what this documentary is going to focus on is 'black and grey' tattooing and where it started. We have a lot of great stuff out there to watch about modern tattooing such as Tattoo Age and Gypsy Gentleman. We also have great documentaries to watch on our previous generation like the Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry flicks, so I think it'll be nice to have a movie that helps define the birth of the fine-line black and grey style that is such a large part of our industry now. I think we'll find out that guys like Ed Hardy, Owen Jensen and Lee Roy Minugh aren't that far apart from guys like Charlie Cartwright, Freddy Negrete and Jack Rudy. I am personally really excited for this, but I guess my emotion is based on biased feelings towards my local childhood heros. Either way, I can't wait to see it.

  5. A few clarifications - first, I thought the drama on the show was horrible, the tattooers, except for Ami, I really liked, regardless of their personalities. I didn't say Ami was bad, I said I don't think he's very good. I think there is a lot of ground between bad and average, but I guess not everyone makes a distinction and I could have been more precise. The tattoo you are showing is good and he did a couple of good tattoos on the show, but I also saw a couple that I didn't think were very good and some I thought were average. When I looked at the quality of the other tattooers, I don't think Ami was as good as them, again just my opinion. I used to watch Miami Ink and I didn't like a lot of the tattoos he did on that either.

    All just the opinion of some anonymous guy on the internet.

    Totally cool. I hope you didn't feel like I was attacking you in any way, it was not my intention. I liked what you had to say and I would never bring any negativity to this forum. You're correct about the tattoos not being the best on the tv shows. Some of the clients they would give us were very hard to work with and wanted really odd tattoos. The phrase "polishing a turd" word come to mind often... It tested ones patience.

  6. Yup, she was on New York (st)Ink. I don't know how Ami got two shows. I don't think he's very good and he's about as boring as they come. The made up drama made LA (st)Ink seem like a Shakespearian masterpiece.

    I won't argue with you about the TV show. I have to disagree with the one part about Ami's tattooing skills, here is a photo of a tattoo he recently finished in Miami, it took him under a month and he texted the pics to a few friends. He is very far from a bad tattooer. FYI: He drew the whole dragon side on with a pen

    <script src='http://img831.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=amiuy.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>amiuy.jpg</noscript>

  7. I started with 'homemade machines' and sharpening my needles on matchbooks. All I knew at the time was single needle and black ink, I was totally clueless to anything else. When I met real tattooers and learned to make real needles I was instantly hooked, there was no turning back. I rarely use single needle these days, I want my tattoos to last as long the person I make them on, but I am very proud to know how to wield a single needle when need be. I believe Chicano style comes purely from where you came from as a tattooer and how you learned. Some try and copy it, some actually do an amazing job at creating it as well, but in my opinion the only people who can tattoo that true Chicano style are the people who lived it.

    ps - Ben Grillo tattooed my foot yesterday, he busted out the single needle, ouch.

  8. Even though I own most of all Hardymarks publications I went ahead and purchased the ones I didn't own and replaced the rest with new copies. I paid quite a bit for the flash books. I believe I found the #1 for $200, the #2 for $120 and the #3 for $220. It's more than I wanted to spend, but you can't put a price on things like that. Everyone said that the Flash From The Past book would be reprinted and it never was, now everyone is wishing they would've just paid the overprice. I was always taught books and art would be the best investment I ever made. Buy the books and don't look back.

  9. What about non-tattooers selling all of us tattoo equipment? Some will speak strongly against those who don't tattoo owning shops and swear off ever giving them money, but then will make an order with a non-tattooer owned supplier and unknowingly act hypocritical. I think in tattooing these days, in my opinion, we need good people who care about the business and who bring something positive to the table of tattooing, tattooer or not(although tattooer preferred). I just came back from working at Frith Street Tattoo in London, I watched a bunch of very well known and respected tattooers work there in the last two weeks, not to mention the incredibly talented crew that are residents their. The owner, Dante, is not a tattooer, but he is a good human being and cares for his employees as if they were family. I am proud to say I worked there and as far as Dante(the owner) goes, I would take a bullet for him.

  10. What was that tape that Troy put on? Guy talking about drugs. Was hillarious sounding!

    I've slept on Troy's couch many times and I have to tell you that one of my favorite things about staying with Troy is all the epic shows he has recorded on his TV box. It's like browsing through the wildest documentaries or shows on aliens, drugs, history or anything taboo. That man has great taste

  11. In answer to someone who was wondering why some of us from the 'OTHER' shows don't use their social networking to comment: why would I want point out to tens of thousands of people about a terrible thing and make them look, it gives TLC more power and free advertising, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna do that. The best thing to do is not watch, hell don't watch any reality tv for that matter. None of us knew about this new show, it's not like we talk to TLC unless it's for a legal purpose now and then. TLC is owned by Discovery Chanel and is a monstrous, soulless network. They buy episodes from a production company who pitches the idea and then makes it happen. Find the production company who made this atrocity and you will then find the source and creator of this. They probably pitched it to several networks but TLC paid them the most for it.

  12. I personally do not respect tattooers as much that have no tattoos either. Now maybe I'm being closeminded but fuck it. I wanna know that a tattooer is devoted to his trade; mentally, emotionally, financially and most of all physically. I'm not talking about being heavily tattooed but at least a forearm shot or two. If you're a tattooer and have not one single tattoo or maybe just one... You're just a tourist in our business, go back to selling real estate, there's more of that 'glory' stuff you're lookin' for.

  13. Lil Wayne styled facejunk.

    I've seen two kids under 18 with extensive face graffiti in the last few weeks with 10x that for over 18s.

    I agree with Shawn, anything that pop icons get always ends up being the next 'shop walk-in'. I must have made 25 sets of sparrows on the chest/shoulders after that Mark McGrath guy showed off his on their music video. As far new popular tattoos between the inner circle of tattooers goes, who knows. I'll defintely keep my eyes on those bad-ass elite trend-setters, and hopefully pick up on a few things to steal with my iPhone camera over their shoulders.

  14. I was 15 and I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom with me to shower(so I was fully dressed when exiting). I went out to get my shirt and my mom saw the tattoo on my arm. After gasping she said, "well I guess I should've expected this". Soon after she kicked me out of the house. Four years later she let me move back in for a little and let me set up a 'home studio' in the garage and even tolerated all the cholos coming over to get tattooed. Very hip lady

  15. It's pretty simple, unless you're super thick headed or have a mental disorder, being respectful in any close quarters one on one situation isn't that hard to figure out, but I guess people always seem to find a way to screw it up. Everything I've read so far is solid advise. Just DON'T use any of the TV shows as reference, trust me when I say it's all total staged bullshit and it never goes down like that in a real shop. The only thing that's real on the shows is the actual tattoo.

  16. I have had the pleasure of working with Luke a lot and I have to say he is my personal hero of how a real tattooer should be. Not only does he make great tattoos but his whole attitude and way of life emits positivity. In a ever changing business where 90% of tattooers bring nothing to the table of tattooing we are in desperate need of more people like Luke Wessman.

  17. I'm scared Tim Hendricks won't ever tattoo me again after the tattoo he did on me that involved a tiny 2 inch by 3 inch world map with all the teeny tiny latitude and longitude lines. And I sat terribly that night as I had done a 3 hr handstands and arm balances yoga workshop with Ana Forrest that day. Terrible timing - what was I thinking? My hands were shaking when I wrote the words down that I wanted written on it, and that was before we even started. I had bruises on my arm for days from him having to hold me still 'cause I was jumping all over the place, trying to get away. He'll probably never tattoo me again. :(

    Dari are you crazy?! I would tattoo you any day of the week any week of the year. I LOVE doing super detailed stuff, and btw you sat fine but my memory isn't what it used to be... so maybe you didn't...