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  1. Thought this might be of interest to some of you. All tattoo work by Diego Azaldegui.
  2. introspect

    Full Back Piece Thread

    This is so true! The ass is a brutal place to get tattooed. So glad I never have to go through that again!!
  3. I think you've got it right there. Neither of you will be having fun when the needle goes right into the Grand Canyon though!
  4. introspect

    Backpiece finished

    Diego Azaldegui
  5. introspect

    Backpiece finished

    Diego Azaldegui
  6. introspect

    Backpiece finished

    Diego Azaldegui
  7. introspect

    back cropped

    Diego Azaldegui
  8. introspect

    Tattooer with bold japanese style

    Have a look at Rob Admiraal Instagram
  9. introspect

    Monju Bosatsu

    Diego Azaldegui
  10. introspect

    Full Back Piece Thread

    @Sergiozoolander Thanks, glad you've been following my blog about it. I sometimes wonder if anyone actually looks at it other than me haha. Yeah Rosie has some lovely work from Diego, her back piece is really beautiful.
  11. introspect

    Full Back Piece Thread

    Here's my progress so far by Diego Azaldegui. Got another session in a few weeks which should hopefully finish it off.
  12. introspect

    Do you track hours?

    I'm going to go against the grain here and say I've got an exact record of how many hours of tattooing I've had and how much I've spent. I've kept it all recorded step-by-step in a tattoo progress blog. I've even got video footage of all my work so far! I think I'm a bit OCD about this sort of thing haha. It's not something I go around declaring to people in the street or anything but the info is online if I or anyone else ever wants to know.
  13. introspect

    Foo Dog Sleeve

  14. introspect

    Foo Dog Sleeve