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  1. I see your profile says "contest winner". How can I get mine to say "contest loser"?

  2. Did you delete your fb?

  3. I can't believe I finally got to meet my long lost brother. We must make a date for Sol Food in the near future. Then you can also meet the wizard behind the tomato plants

  4. Sorry I didn't get to meet you but I left the tee at the shop for you. If you can get a pic of you wearing the tee that would be money!

  5. Hey Nick are you at the shop on Mondays?

  6. Cool I will def drop you off one...so far I have booked Girl and the Goat and David Burke Steakhouse...I'll see you in Sept!

  7. Hey Nick- I'm gonna be in Chicago in a couple of weeks and was gonna drop you off a t-shirt if you didn't already have one (Scott thought he gave you one but wasn't positive). Let me know!

  8. Everything I post, I do it for LST. I feel like I just quoted a Bryan Adams song.

  9. 3 times in one week! Thats awesome. I'm sure the service hasnt been the best but hopefully in a month or so it will be better. See u at the wedding!

  10. Branches Wood Fired Chophouse. It's a restaurant/sports bar. They also own Wildfox in Novato

  11. So a girl I know from high school, her and her hubby just opened a new restaurant in Ukiah!!! How random?!

  12. So remember that book Wendy got that's called "Porn for Women" and u thought one of the guys looked familiar? Well, my friend just got the book and we were looking at it over breakfast and realized we knew one of the guys in the book, he went to high school in Marin. We also figured out that the photographer is from SF so it is very likely that the guy you recognized is the guy from yoga...just thought you'd wanna know...

  13. If someone named babsdad adds you it's cuz I told him ur my brotha from another motha

  14. Hey dork! Thanks for finally joining dad.

  15. I need a kitten dressed as a frog

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